Monday, March 26, 2012

My life, in pictures (3.18 - 3.25)

I'm really loving this new "Intagram" app! It's similar to Twitter/Facebook, but it's all pictures. And the effects to the pictures are just so cool! I'm on Instagram, and can be found by the name "snmetz84." Find me, follow me, I'll reciprocate!

Sun 3/18: A Corner Of Your Home

An unfinished corner, but a corner none the less. Happy to report that it's now finished! (Well, the corner is, anyway...)

Mon 3/19: Funny

This little man cracks me up. So dramatic!

Tues 3/20: Before/After
Hummus doesn't last long around me!

Weds 3/21: Delicious

I can't get enough of this stuff. It's bad.

Thurs 3/22: Kitchen Sink

Gross. But it's what we're working with for the time being.

Sat 3/24: An Animal

Not sure if an insect qualifies as an animal, but I'm saying so for the purpose of #photoaday! And, how crazy is it that I'm killing a yellow jacket in my house in March? Sheesh!

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