Monday, March 12, 2012

My pictures

Finally!!! A week where I actually took a picture each day! (Ok, so maybe there was a day or two where I snapped two pics to make up, but whatever - don't judge! Hehehehe)

Sunday, March 4th:


I am really wanting to re-decorate our bedroom. Well, that's along with wanting to redecorate every other room in our house. I have trouble with the "one-thing-at-a-time" thing....

Monday, March 5th:


I am SO not enjoying looking at pictures of myself lately. I'm seeing the evidence of getting older every day, and I do not like it.

Tuesday, March 6th:

5 PM

This picture stinks. Sorry for the pathetic quality here...

Wednesday, March 7th:

Something you wore

I downloaded this app called "PicFrame" on my iphone. It lets you put up to, like, five pictures into one. Love it!

Thursday, March 8th:


This school bus has windows, one of which contains a giant golf ball. Hehehehe.

Friday, March 9th:


Ahh, my trusty water bottle. I've had this thing for over three years, and pretty much every day it sits by my side, slowly being emptied and refilled. It's been a loyal friend. :)

Saturday, March 10th:


Hendrix helped me clean out my car this weekend. He discovered the loudness of the horn. Fun times!