Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warm day family geocaching adventure!

It got up to 79 degrees yesterday. Whoa! So, of course, as soon as we got home, we changed clothes, ate a very quick bite of dinner (thank you, crock pot.), and headed back outside to enjoy the weather!

We stopped over at our neighbors' house to chat for a few minutes. Our neighbors are seriously the nicest people. Ever. Here is Joie helping Jameson swing on the swingset. He was less than impressed. Ha!

After that, we decided to take a walk. We crossed to the north side of the river, and headed west on the towpath. I got out my phone and opened the geocaching app to see if there were any caches in the nearby area that we could find. We were in luck. :) It was 0.6 miles west, so we set out.

We walked all the way to the end of the canal, and found a new spot along the river that was very peaceful and pretty:

The cache was on top of a tall, dead tree stump. Thanks, Matt, for being 6 ft. tall! It was this painted peanut butter jar, and had typical swag in it - cheap trinkets. Hendrix enjoyed checking it out though, and - once we had put it back - was begging to go find more treasure.

We headed back east after we found the geocache, because we didn't want it to get too dark or chilly. Here's a view of the canal. Oh how I look forward to leaves being on these trees!

Once we got back to the mill, I couldn't help but snap this picture of the train bridge. I just love this thing.

We got back to our neighborhood, and discovered that little Jameson had just zonked right out. I guess the vibrations of the stroller and the warm breeze did it. I can't say I blame him. How sweet is that?

When we got home, we let Hendrix play in the yard for a few minutes. I tried to rouse sleepy little piggy. He wasn't really having it. :)

After our fun evening outside, we headed in for bath time, then bed time. It was a very enjoyable day!

And, it's supposed to be in the 70's for about the next five days. Woo hoo!

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