Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: 3/16 - 3/18

This weekend was extremely fast-paced and kind of a blur! I'm also ridden with some guilt about not spending enough quality time with the boys. I told Matt that we're going to make up for that this coming weekend. Lots of Hendrix and Jameson time.

Friday evening, we took stroll down to the park so the boys could swing. We came across this little fellow, burrowed down into the grass. We helped him get out, and Hendrix just LOVED seeing him hop, hop, hop!

After the boys got to bed Friday, Matt and I got to work on what would be a weekend-long project. We finished up mudding the cracks in the drywall, which you see below, and primed the walls for paint.

Saturday, we had our babysitter, Lexie, come over and watch the boys while we ran errands in Bowling Green. We went to Home Depot and ordered our new flooring, which will hopefully be in in about 2 weeks. Then we went to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric for curtains, then stopped at Wal-Mart for a few basic things. After we got home, we went for a long walk along the towpath to enjoy the crazy-warm St. Patrick's Day weather.

At the end of the towpath, near the dam, we saw this big black snake sunning himself on a branch. As we were walking away, another lady (not to stereotype, but she was in a glitter shirt, blazer, and fancy sandal-like shoes) was overheard asking, "Is that a water-moccasin?" Let's just say Matt and I were stifling some serious laughter as we were walking away!

Once we got back to the town-end of the towpath, we looked down and noticed the boys heads were together. I snuck around the front of the stroller and snapped this *RIDICULOUSLY* adorable picture of the Metz brothers snuggling. Ahh, my heart just exploded.

After our walk we went back home and primed the walls. This went fairly quickly, and we were able to take the boys out to play in the yard. I sat Jameson on a blanket and blew bubbles with him while Hendrix rode his tricycle up and down the block. I went with Hendrix for a lap and snapped this picture of the neighbor's tree in bloom. Yay!

Sunday we put two coats of paint on the walls, and managed to get a few loads of laundry done as well. We moved all the furniture into the front room, where our wood stove used to be in preparation for de-spackling the ceiling. We had planned on doing the ceiling later this week, but felt like we just needed to push on and get it done. After the boys were in bed, we went to work, and had all the "popcorn" off within an hour.

After that, we just took the scrapers and smoothed down any rough parts of the mud. We are going to re-mud any holes/screws tonight and hopefully prime it tonight as well.

At this point (about 9:30 PM), both of our bodies had hit a wall. I was seriously finding it difficult to step up onto the ladder, and I had had enough. We rolled up our floor coverings, took them out to the trash pile, and finished for the weekend.

I took a shower, crawled into bed, and think I was unconscious within about 2 minutes! It was a LOT of work, but we want everything to get done so badly, we just keep pushing through.

I can't wait to do a final reveal of the room, but it'll be at least a few weeks yet. Patience: my arch nemesis!!

Stay tuned!

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