Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend "to-do" list!

Oh I love you. I felt very compelled to make a "To-Do" list for this weekend, because there's a LOT I would love to accomplish. I just know there won't be nearly enough hours in this weekend, not even taking Daylight Savings Time into consideration. Grr.

But anyway, this is a list of the things I'd like to get done by Sunday night. (A bit ambitious, right?)

Go for my first run in almost two weeks!
(Notice what makes the top of the list.....priorities, people!)

Get the bathroom shelves hung, and our stuff put away!
I'm so tired of having to look in the kitchen for something that belongs in the bathroom. So ready for this bath renovation to be done!

Woodstove and hearth - be gone!
(If this gets accomplished, it will be its very own post, of course).

Take stuff to Goodwill so we can have our bedroom closet back.

Shop while at Goodwill for my first attempt at thrifting for my wardrobe.
Hoping to find a couple nice pieces that I can alter to make them fabulous. :)

Clean out my car.
It's scary in there.

Clean and organize the coat closet.
Coat weather will soon be gone, and we need access to things such as picnic baskets, coolers, and strollers!

Get Hendrix a haircut.

Go look at (buy?) a camper?
This one is a big question mark, because the darn seller from craigslist is not responding to my email, and there is no phone # listed in the ad. Grr.

Doubt it will all get done, but I've got to try. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice this weekend, so hopefully that will motivate me to be productive!

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