Monday, March 5, 2012

While I'm stilllll working on that ole Spring Cleaning list, I got the itch to re-organize the "pantry" area in our kitchen.

Let's begin by setting the stage. After using the kitchen for about 1/2 of the junk we had moved out of the bathroom for its renovation, and getting $150 worth of groceries, this is what our kitchen looked like when we got up Saturday morning. Yikes!

But never fear. Stephanie was in full organization-mode.

We are currently re-doing our bathroom (more on that as it develops further!!), and are getting rid of the big bulky armoire from in there. I'm big on re-using, and re-purposing, so I moved the thing into the corner of the kitchen and got rid of our small white cabinet that's about 2 shakes/wobbles from falling into a heap on the floor.

This is what the armoire looked like with all the bathroom supplies tossed in it in a completely unorganized fashion.

They allllll came out.

Then, I wiped out the armoire very well, and placed our groceries in it, nice and neatly. You can learn two things about me from this picture: I buy a lot of generic brands, and I love garbanzo beans. Haha! (Ok, maybe you can't see it, but behind the canisters of crackers and pasta are six cans of garbanzo beans....hey - they MAKE a salad, let me tell you!)

This armoire-turned-pantry has freed up a LOT of space in our cabinets, and I'm loving it! Ready to get the bathroom finished so I can organize away in there. Now, if I just had the same organization mojo for our closets........ugh.

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