Friday, April 20, 2012

An experiement....

So I always give people a lot of crap when they say things like "I'm going to start Diet XYZ on Monday!" or "I'm going to start working out after New Year's!" It seriously drives me crazy. If you want changes in your life, start today. Start right now.

But.....I'm totally being one of the people right now. I have a legit reason though, I swear!

I've been training for this race (which - it turns out - I'm completely un-trained for), and in doing so, have been eating basically whatever I want for the last 3-4 months. I've always been hungry, and haven't really worried about it, because I knew I'd burn the calories back off.

I'm going to continue running and working out after this race, but it's going to be less intense for a while (my main goal this summer is to enjoy myself, spend time with my boys, and eat up every minute of warmth and sunshine I can), and the LAST thing I want to see is a few extra pounds added to the scale.

I'm not afraid of numbers, so let me shoot some at ya! After I had Jameson, I weighed 151 lbs. For the last 2-3 months, I've been hovering right at 136-137 lbs. Honestly, I think that's a happy weight, considering I'm staring my 30's in the face, and I've had two children. However, I'd love to drop a few more pounds, and that's what I'm going to try to do in the next few months.

I'm not going on any specific diet - I refuse to do that! (My theory is that if the diet has a name, and there are specific rules involved - it's destined to FAIL.) I'm going to be making healthier food choices, and try (and probably fail many times) to substitute sugary sweets with fruit. I'm going to continue drinking crazy amounts of water, and try to eat 5-6 snacks throughout the day, instead of 3 larger meals. Basically, lifestyle change - as it is with any successful "I-lost-weight-and-kept-it-off" story. I'm going to see if this healthy eating and exercising can get me down to 130 pounds.

I know very well that it's going to be challenging. I do love me some sweets! I find myself munching on sweets all day during work, whether it be candy, or a baked good, donut, whatever. The biggest time of day that I want sweets is right after dinner. But come on, my husband works in the produce industry. Get ready to be bring home lots of healthy goodies for me, honey!

To make this a realistic goal, here's my plan.

1) Focus on healthy eating and be diligently food conscious Monday - Friday.

2) On the weekends, still be very mindful of what's going into my body, but allow for small "cheats," so that I don't get burned out immediately.

3) Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise at least four times a week, whether its elliptical, running, weights, pilates, whatever.

4) Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. 75-80 is better.

5) Keep my eye on the prize. Think about how good it will feel to put on something sleek and sexy, and look amazing in it, despite getting older and being the mom of two under the age of 3.

Sounds so simple, right? Sheesh, I wish I didn't love food so much! I'm kind of starting this in moderation today, but I've got to continue to fuel for the race on Sunday. I'm allowing myself a big indulgence on Sunday evening, kind of as a reward for finishing the race, and the boys and I (daddy's going out of town for work) are going to get Mexican takeout for dinner. I'll be purchasing a variety of fruit this weekend, and starting this change on Monday, in full force.

I don't really expect to make it to 130 lbs, but I can try, right? How fun would it be if I made it? Let the experiment begin!

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