Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 13 (3/25 - 3/31)

Sun 3/25: Rest

Mon 3/26: Rest

Tues 3/27: 25 minutes on elliptical machine at work - just under 5 miles, burned 278 calories.
Also did resistance weight training, including knee-strengthening exercises.

Weds 3/27: Rest

Thurs 3/28: 26 minutes on elliptical at work. Just over 5 miles, burned 333 calories. (Upped the resistance level from last time.) Also did resistance weight training.

Fri 3/30: Rest

Sat 3/31: 3.6 mile run - not nearly the distance I hoped for, but my darn knee starting acting up again. This race is 100% up in the air right now. :(

Miles for the week: 3.6

Miles for the month: 11.26

Miles for 2012: 112.02

The good news? After running/walking the 1/2, if I do so, my April mileage will automatically be higher than March mileage. Awesome? Sad? Who knows.

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