Monday, April 30, 2012

Friday, April 28

Matt stained the small wood trim (which we call "reducer" or "Transition pieces") that goes over where the white tile meets the wood-look strips.  I worked on picking up the kitchen and doing some laundry.

Saturday April 29

For some wacky reason, Jameson woke up crying at 5:35, and wouldn't go back to sleep on his own.  (My suspicion: still not over his ear infection!)  I ended up giving him a bottle and got him to go back to sleep.  I fell asleep again at 6, and Hendrix woke me up at 7:15. 

I took a shower (and dressed in my super-cool-to-wear GCM Marathon tech shirt) and headed to Bowling Green to get the camper title put into our name, and get plates for it.  I spent the majority of my life in Indiana, and therefore still have real fears of going into the BMV.  But I must say, the Ohio BMV is one of the very best things (as necessities go) about living in this state!  It was a less-than-20-minute and completely painless experience.  Only bad thing was that it cost just over $100, but hey, we're now "legal eagle" on our camper.

So after I got home, I baked cookies and we had a delicious and nutritious (please tell me you can sense sarcasm) lunch of chicken nuggets and mac 'n' cheese. 
(Not sure how to rotate images in this new blogger format, so you get to look at me sideways, just for fun, in my cool GCM shirt.)

(Nestle Tollhouse Original Recipe, except with peanut butter chips instead of chocolate.  Mmm.)

Then, Jameson went down for a nap, and the babysitter, Lexi, arrived.  Matt and I headed out to go car shopping!  We had seen a 2009 Ford Escape online that was within our budget, and had low mileage.  We ended up looking at that vehicle and also a Suzuki something or other.  The Suzuki had 3rd row seating, which was cool, but it totally looked like a mini-van to me, so that kind of turned me off from the beginning.  Plus, once we test-drove it, we discovered that a small section of the dash looked like it had been melted, and the passenger side mirror was damaged. 

Long story short, we purchased the 09 Escape and are really excited!  We are going to get a hitch installed in the next week or so, and we'll be 100% ready to go camping!  Ohmygoodness I absolutely cannot wait to take my family camping!  We are tentatively planning our first trip of the year for May 19th.  Woo hoo!

(I wasn't originally sure about everything being black, but it's really grown on me.  I think he looks like a ninja!)

(The fleet!)

Sunday April 29

I played the keyboard with the worship team for both services on Sunday, so I left the house at 6:35 am and got back around 1 pm.  Whoa.  Long morning.  I snuck out during Sunday school (ok, I didn't sneak out, I just left) and went to Panera.  I had a bagel and hot chocolate (I'm SO not a coffee drinker) and messed around on the internet for a little bit. 

After church, when I got home, Jameson was napping, I had a quick sandwich and started on laundry.  Jamers woke up, and we decided to go to Home Depot for rugs for the living room.  Plus, we kind of just wanted an excuse to drive the new Escape!  :)  We did end up getting a couple rugs though.  They definitely add a feeling of warmth and comfort to our living space.

Sunday evening, I did more laundry, prepared lunches, did more laundry, and then sacked out! 

(My sweet Jamers, in all his toothy glory!)

(Mmmmm.  Blue slushy.  Mmmmm.  Oh yeah, you can get a little glimpse of the living room rug here too.  Blue slushy.  Mmmmm.)

Thankfully, this week is only a 4-day work-week for me.  I'm going on a short road trip with my mom this weekend to visit her mom (Gigi - or GG - which is the abbreviation for great-grandma, which my niece Rylee lovingly decided to call her when she was a toddler).  I'm super excited for the weekend with her, but I'm also feeling pretty guilty, because it's been a long time since we've spent time with my dad's parents, and I REALLY want to go see them as well.  I'm hoping for Thanksgiving to go see the Phillips family.

So, hopefully this work-week goes by pretty quickly.  I have to pack, and think it through to make sure I take everything I need.  Matt is supposed to go on his annual week-long golf trip this weekend, but we got word from his mom today that his dad isn't doing well right now (he has a brain tumor), so Matt is debating on just spending his vacation with his dad.  It's kind of tough and emotional for him right now. 

I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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