Monday, April 30, 2012

The Journey to Healthier Eating: Week 1

Don't you just love my official-sounding title for this post? Me too.

I was originally going to go into stupid amounts of detail regarding what I ate this week.  Yeah, decided against that.  I want people to keep reading my blog.  The sheer amount of boredom that would come from reading exactly what I ate last week would be enough to drive people away, I'm sure.

So I'll just say, I didn't do that great, but I think I did better than I was doing before.  I cheated a few times and had sweets.  We got BDubs on Saturday evening and it was most delicious! 

I brought several small snacks/mini-meals to work last week for food.  I stayed surprisingly satisfied by eating 150-200 calories every couple hours. 

Some of the stuff I ate last week:
hard boiled egg
string cheese
cheese and crackers
cottage cheese

I'm going to keep at it, and see what continues to happen to my weight and body.   Stay tuned for future updates. :)

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