Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend recap (3/30 - 4/1)

We had a very productive weekend - yay!

Friday I got off work at noon. I ran errands from noon until 4:30. I was pooped when I got home! The boys originally had a doctor appointment Friday at 3, but their doctor didn't work that day, and it is now re-scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

I ran to Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, and JoAnn Fabrics for stuff. Then, I went to Grand Rapids to pick up the boys. Then, I took them with me back up to Maumee, and we went to the meat market. After that we went home, and stayed there for the rest of the weekend - my main goal. :)

I went out for a run Saturday morning, hoping to get in 5 miles, but only got in 3.6 because my darn knee starting giving me problems again. So frustrating and disappointing!

I really wanted to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend, which I MOST DEFINITELY accomplished. I ordered a food processor from Amazon, and it didn't work. That irritated me a lot. But anyway, I'm returning it, and they're sending me a replacement. However, that kind of put a damper on my plans of making homemade salsa. So I decided to make cherry pie filling bar cookies instead. This is my absolute favorite dessert recipe. Ever. So delicious. Hendrix helped me make them, and enjoyed (though his expression looks almost pained) licking the cherry pie filling off of the spoon!

Here's the final, delicious product!

After baking, I spent about 4 hours cleaning the kitchen. Whoa.

Saturday night was bath night, and I can never resist naked bath pictures of my sweet babies!

Oh, and we can't forget the delivery that came on Saturday: our flooring!!!!! (and toilet, but the toilet is WAY less exciting.) We're waiting on a couple defective boxes to be delivered, and have the install scheduled for next Wednesday, April 11th. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Sunday, we caught up on laundry, Matt mowed the lawn, and Jameson took the most awesome four-hour nap ever. Mid-afternoon, the boys' babysitter texted me and said they were going to her parents' house to feed the fish and horses, and asked if we'd like to join them. So we did. Any excuse to get these kiddos out into some fresh air!

Hendrix decided to take a nap in the grass. Ha! He's so funny.

And he really loved riding this John Deere around.

Jamers had a pretty rough weekend, with a cold and these darn top teeth that just refuse to cut through. We gave him some graham crackers out by the pond, and it seemed to make him happy. Isn't he just getting so big?

Between Hendrix and his buddy Wesley, I think they about turned this little pond into one giant piece of soaked bread. Hahaha. They are just too cute!

Hendrix really enjoyed feeding the horses. It made me nervous that they were going to bite his little fingers, but they were very gentle. This was Max (I think) taking a carrot from Hendrix.

After we got home from feeding the horses and fish, we grilled spinach and feta chicken brats and some asparagus on the grill. Soooooo tasty!

We put the boys to bed early, since Hendrix didn't nap, and Jameson only got one long nap in, instead of two, and then Matt and I watched Napoleon Dynamite on TV and I went to bed.

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