Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap (4/13 - 4/15)

One word to describe this weekend: exhausting!!!

So, we've been living in pretty much chaos since Tuesday, when we moved all of the living room furniture into the kitchen and dining room in preparation for getting the floors redone on Wednesday. Turns out, the installers said they couldn't install the laminate floor we had ordered because our house is old and the floor had too many hills, valleys, and slopes. They recommended having our hardwood sanded down and re-finished.

Thursday, 4/12:
We had a floor re-finisher come to look at and give us an estimate on sanding down and re-finishing the floor. I wasn't there, but Matt told me he walked in, Matt told him what we wanted, and he said, "No way, there's lead paint on your floor, and I can't touch it without facing a $30,000 fine." Well there goes that idea. Then, he suggested a nail-down hardwood floor that comes un-finished, so we could choose the color of stain we want. Sounded great! Only, it would cost just under $3,000. Matt texted me all of this information, and I sat on it while at work on Thursday, crunching numbers, and seeing if this was feasible. We had both had our hearts pretty set on hard flooring, not carpet. I got on the Lumber Liquidators website, and started looking around at flooring options, and stumbled upon vinyl wood planks. It's basically a peel-and-stick vinyl plank with a wood look to it. It's highly water resistant, very durable, and much, much cheaper. When I got home Thursday evening, I talked to Matt about it, he was in favor of the idea, and we ran with it. He went to Home Depot and ordered all of the stuff to be delivered Saturday morning, when the truck came to pick up the laminate flooring we had, but could no longer use. With a plan in place, we sacked out.

Friday 4/13:
Matt got up at 6:30 to call the guy who was driving the truck that was supposed to come and pick up our laminate flooring, to make sure he could swing by Home Depot and pick up what Matt had ordered Thursday evening. Ray said he wouldn't pick it up without seeing proof that it had been paid for, and also that he couldn't guarantee a morning delivery. Long story short, Matt ended up just going to Home Depot, renting a truck, and bringing the stuff home himself. He was back home by 8:30 AM. We unloaded the truck, despite a very fussy Jameson, and then Matt went back to Bowling Green to return the truck. He got back around 10-ish, I think. He started laying out the luan underlayment in preparation for the flooring. We broke for lunch around noon, then Jamers woke up from his morning nap. We had promised the boys we would take them to the zoo on Friday, so after we got Jameson fed and changed, we headed out to the zoo. We got there around 1:30, and stayed for a couple hours, like we usually do. Then, on the way home, grabbed some Wendy's. When we got home, I played with the boys upstairs, and Matt continued laying out, cutting, and screwing down the underlayment. Boys went to bed around 8 and, and then I mudded the cracks and screwholes in the floor. Bedtime.

Saturday, April 15th:
I got up, ran to Angie's house (the boys' babysitter) to borrow her truck so that we could go to Clyde, OH and pick up the camper we bought - yay! That whole process ended up taking, like, almost 5 hours, but we got the camper, and got it home, and learned that we aren't very good at backing up a trailer. Ha! When we got home, we started sanding the floor where we had mudded last night. Turns out, the sanding blocks we had purchased were not even beginning to TOUCH this cement-hard mud. When we mudded the kitchen floor, it was much softer, but the Home Depot guy apparently sold Matt a different kind of mud this time, and it was literally like cement. So, Matt had to run to Home Depot AGAIN and get very tough sandpaper for his electric sander. While he was gone, Jamers napped, and Hendrix and I worked on getting the big chunks of mud off with a chisel. Then, Matt went over it with the sander, and about an hour later, it was done and ready for the vinyl flooring! We started laying the vinyl around 5 pm. We, of course, took small breaks for eating, bathroom breaks, bathing the boys, and putting them to bed....but we laid that floor until 2 am. Our knees were red and raw, our hands and forearms were stiff from cutting and pushing, and our backs ached so bad from bending over. But, darnit, we had a floor in our living room again! Cue: crashing out in bed.

Sunday, April 15th:
So, I had agreed (last Monday, mind you, before everything went crazy) to play the keyboard for both church services on Sunday. Then all hell broke loose in my home when Floor Plans A, B, and C fell through. As guilty as I felt about it, I texted the appropriate parties on Saturday evening and told them I wasn't going to be able to play. I had just laid flooring for 9 hours, and gotten to sleep at 2 am. Hendrix woke us up at 7 am. Our house was still in a state of complete chaos. Seriously, spending 6 hours at church for both services would have been absolutely *detrimental* to what we accomplished on Sunday. As bad as I felt, staying home was 100% the right decision for us. So, Hendrix got us up, and we started almost immediately moving furniture back into the living room, as painful as that was with our sore bodies!! I think I did 6 loads of laundry on Sunday, and we got the kitchen functional, though it still has a piano and a toilet-in-a-box in it. Then, since I've been trying for months to do deep cleaning, I tore into the back dining room/office area. I emptied and re-organized the desk and shelves. I still need to sweep and vacuum back there, but we once again have a functional dining table. Woo! I took the boys outside to play for a little bit, just because they deserved it, and enjoyed the breeze and warm weather. While we were outside, Matt hung the TV mount. After we got back inside, I helped him hang the TV on the wall. WE.LOVE.IT!!! Running on only 5 hours of sleep, we didn't stop moving all day, trying to get our lives put back together. We still have such a long way to go, but it's so much better than it was on Thursday evening. Sigh.

I haven't posted pictures of the floor (other than the sneak peak below) because we don't have the trim up, the entertainment center isn't finished, and the room is FAR from being decorated. I promise, as soon as it looks better in there, I'll post final pictures. :) In the mean time, here are a few from this weekend.

I had a little of this over the weekend to help me cope with the insanity! :o)

Looking west, into the room that previously housed the wood stove and hearth. Carpet and pad torn up, bare wood floor.

Looking east, into what was previously the family room/TV room. Carpet and pad torn up.

This is what the previous family room/TV room looked like when I got home on Thursday evening. We had put a large carpet remnant back in so that we had something to sit Jameson down on if needed. We had a pizza picnic on this giant carpet remnant two nights in a row. H and J - mommy's sorry for all this chaos.

Sweet Jamers cheesing for the camera, during our break to go to the zoo.

Hendrix at the zoo. Such a handsome man.

Luan, all laid out, not yet screwed down. Making progress!

Another view of the luan.

Sneak peak of the flooring.

My booty, after mudding the cracks and screwholes.

The luan, all mudded. Ready to sand tomorrow.

When I went to bed Saturday night. Well, Sunday morning, I suppose. I never see this time on my phone. Ouch. (My phone is set to military time. Yep, that's 2 AM.)

Another view of the luan - not sure why I decided to show you another view. It's exciting, I know. Ha!

The bookshelf/desk area. Before massive organization.


Are you tired yet, from reading this post? This week and upcoming weekend aren't really shaping up to be any more relaxing. Someday we can relax again. :) Stay tuned for final reveal pictures!!

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