Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap (4/20 - 4/22)

Whoa, this weekend was a busy one! I kind of feel like I didn't have a weekend. Hopefully this week will be somewhat restful...

Friday April 20:
After the boys were in bed, Matt and I went out to the garage and painted the trim for the walls. We put on two coats, then I went to bed. Busy next couple days!

Saturday April 21:
Maureen and Jenny picked me up around 10, and we headed to University of Toledo to the race expo and packet pick-up. We got our shirts and bibs, and then walked around the expo a bit. How cool are these elliptical bikes??

I got home around 1 pm, and I spend the afternoon playing with the boys while Matt worked on putting up the trim in the living room. It's really starting to come together, I promise! I hope to be able to post "finished" pics after this weekend! I made chicken pasta alfredo for dinner. Very tasty. Love any excuse to load up on carbs! :) After dinner, I gave the boys a bath, and got them to bed. I was in bed myself around 8:30 for the big day Sunday.

Sunday April 22:

RACE DAY! AHH! You can read my race recap here.

After I got home, I took a long hot shower (which turned out to be slightly agonizing on my feet where the blisters had popped). After the shower, we warmed up left over pasta from Saturday night. Jameson went down for his nap, and I laid on the couch and dozed for an hour or so. It was far from being a real nap, because Matt was working on the trim and Hendrix was constantly on and off the couch, but it was better than nothing! Around 4 pm, Matt left for Lima, Ohio because he had an awards banquet for his work. He ended up staying the night in Lima due to having a meeting there at 8 on Monday, and it didn't seem economical to drive 1.5 hours home, just to drive back early the next morning. After he left, the boys and I headed to WalMart to pick up some healthy food for me for the week (check out my new healthy-eating plan!). We picked up some Mexican takeout while we were in town, as a last hurrah for me, and also as a reward for me finishing the race, then headed home. We played, I got the pipsqueaks to bed, then I prepared for Monday morning (bottles, clothes, lunches, locate car keys, etc), then headed to bed myself. I got a full 8 hours of sleep, which felt wonderful!

The plan for this week is to finalize and finish putting our living area back together, then do some serious relaxation!

Hope everyone has a super week!

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