Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 18 (Aptil 29 - May 5)

Sunday April 29:  3.2 mile run

Monday April 30:  Rest

Tuesday May 1: 3.3-ish mile run.
I'm not sure of the exact distance.  The first mile I ran, my garmin said I ran it in 6 minutes - yeah right!  I got to a point where I thought was about a 1/2 mile distance, and the watch said I was at .85 miles.  Soooo, not sure about distance or pace on this one.  This is a guess.  I ran for just over 30 minutes, and kept a decent pace, so we'll go with 3.3 here!!

Wednesday May 2:  Rest
Huge laundry day in preparation for packing for our trip to Illinois.  If doing laundry burns calories, I got in a workout here!

Thursday May 3: Rest
Planned on doing a 3 mile run here, but instead spent the evening in the emergency room.  You can read all about that fiasco here.

Friday May 4: Rest - travelling to Illinois.
Saturday May 5: 3.0 mile run

Miles for the week: 9.5
Miles for May : 6.3 (May began on Tuesday)
Miles for 2012: 135.85

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