Monday, May 14, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 19

Sunday May 6:  Rest - was on my mini-vacation in Illinois with my family.

Monday May 7: Rest - travelling home from Illinois

Tuesday May 8:  Rest in terms of exercise, but I spent the day cleaning house, so I'm sure that burned a few extra calories!

Wednesday May 9: 30 minutes on elliptical at work (362 calories)

Thursday May 10: 30 minutes on elliptical at work (357 calories)

Friday May 11: 4 mile run (? calories - haven't downloaded the run yet!)

Saturday May 12: No exercise, but I painted and cleaned out our camper and re-organized the coat closet.  I guarantee calories were burned in these endeavors!

Miles for the week: 4
Miles for May: 10.3
Miles for 2012: 139.85

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