Friday, May 18, 2012

Update: Eating and exercise changes

Remember here, where I talked about how, after my half-marathon, that my exercise and eating habits were going to change?  I thought I'd update everyone on how that's going for me.

Let me say, healthful eating, and eating smaller portions is challenging!  BUT, it's definitely do-able, if you want physical changes badly enough.  There have been days where I've cheated, no doubt.  But I've just concentrated on eating smaller meals/snacks every few hours throughout the day and drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day, and it's been pretty successful.

Some of the things I eat as snacks are:
hard boiled egg
cheese and crackers
fresh fruit
string cheese

I've learned that - though it's something that takes practice and getting used to - that you can truly feel satisfied by eating small portions more often.  Now - that being said - when I say that you can feel more satisfied, I'm taking about hunger level.  You're definitely not going to feel satisfied in terms of sugar or salt cravings, and there in lies the challenge.  I've definitely missed my sugar, and I've let myself have smaller amounts some days.  But my sugar intake has been drastically reduced and I'm slowly but surely getting used to that.  But in terms of my hunger level - I'm not hungry.  Definitely not "full," but my stomach isn't growling, and my blood sugar remains at a more consistent level, rather than dropping and giving me that light-headed, grouchy feeling.

Drinking water has also helped immensely, which I knew it would.  There are times that your body tells you it's hungry (stomach growling, etc) when it's really just in need of hydration.  I have a 32 ounce water bottle at my desk at work and I make sure to fill and empty it at least twice a day.

In terms of my exercise, I haven't been doing as well as I'd like, but life has been a bit chaotic lately.  I've still been going on at least one run each week, and I've been utilizing the elliptical machine and resistance weights at work on my lunch breaks.

Ready for the weigh-in? 

I weighed myself today right before my workout and weighed 134.5!  That's the lowest weight I've been at since I was probably 16! I'm super excited, and motivated to continue to see if I can make it to 130.  I'm happy where I am, and won't beat myself up if I can't get there, but I'm going to try! :o)

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