Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekend Recap (May 4-8)

Bet you thought I forgot all about the blog, huh?  I didn't.  I've been MIA for the past week because my mom and I took the boys to Illinois for a long weekend trip to see Gigi.

Gigi is my mom's mom.  Her name is Carol.  When my niece, Rylee, was much younger, her and my sister thought G.G. - the abbreviation for great-grandma - was cute, and it stuck.  I love it!

To start the weekend, we spent Thursday evening in the emergency room.  What fun!  Hendrix was bumped into at the babysitter's house and fell off her porch.  His knee was cut open by a concrete step, and was pretty nasty, as you can see.

He was a total trooper about the whole thing, and was even giggling and talking to the nurse.

The doctor decided he could go with steri-tape instead of stitches, so that's what we did.  No one involved wanted to go the stitches route unless it was absolutely necessary.  The steri-tape was supposed to stay on for about a week, but decided to come off after 24 hours.  So now he has a nasty scab, which will turn into a nasty scar, I'm sure.  I'm pretty sure the childhood of a boy isn't complete until he has at least one scar though, right?

Friday, the boys and I headed out around 8 am towards Portland.  We got there around 10 am.  My big boy needed no potty stops, and had no accidents - so proud of that little man!  My mom worked until noon, but I wanted to give the boys time to get out of the car and run around and burn off some energy before we got back into the car for the long trip to Illinois.  We played outside, and had a light lunch at my mom's house.  She got there around 12:30.

The morning after laying his knee open, this guy was doing stunt jumps off the top of the fisher price slide.......I'm in for quite a few more ER trips, I have a feeling!

The rest of the picures - for whatever reason - are sideways and are not in the order in which I uploaded them into this blog, so I'll just recap, and you can look at the pictures afterwards, mmmmmK?

Friday night, we arrived in Galesburg, IL around 6:30 CST.  It took us about 6.5 hours from Portland which is phenomenal based on the fact that we had a potty trained 2.5 year old with us.  We all just went to bed shortly after we got to GG's.  We were tired after a VERY long day of travelling.

Saturday morning, I went out for a run, and had a light breakfast when I got back.  Then, GG and I headed to Knoxville, the next town over, because she needed a battery for her self-propelled lawn mower.  We got the battery, headed back, then my mom and I mowed her lawn for her.  Later that afternoon, we went to the Pizza House, which was my one food request.  This pizza is just sooooooo good!  We met my mom's cousin, her daughter, and her grandson there.  After pizza, we stopped by the store to get supplies for homemade ice cream.  Then we went back to GG's house, let the boys play, and I cracked open my bottle of wine for a little relaxation. 

Sunday morning, we took the boys to the park.  It was warming up fast, and I had forgotten to put sunscreen on them, so we didn't stay long.  They swang for a bit, then Hendrix played on the jungle gym for about 10 minutes.  GG had been asking me what I wanted to eat while I was there, and I had told her that the pizza was my request, but when I asked Hendrix what he wanted, he had requested french fries.  Silly boy! :)  So for lunch on Sunday, we grilled burgers and dogs, and GG made us french fries, and we had some baked beans as well.  It was all very tasty!  After lunch, I got down a big tub of old pictures.  I absolutely adore old pictures, and they're even more fascinating when they're of your own relatives and ancestors.  I took digital pictures of the hard copies and I hope to have an album made.  After that we made homemade ice cream, and my mom's cousin, daughter, and grandson came back over so we got to eat ice cream and visit with them for a bit longer.  It was nice.  After they left, I enjoyed some more wine, and we just hung out and played outside some more.  Mom and I then took turns getting all of our stuff together in order to make it a bit easier to get out the door on Monday morning to head back home.

Monday morning, GG and I were going to head out to the cemetery to see my grandpa's and uncle's graves, but it was raining, so we weren't able to do that.  Hopefully we can next time I'm there.  Mom and I headed out around 9 am (EST).  The trip went pretty well, despite 2 exhausted children, and we got to Portland a little before 4 pm.  My dad went and got us a bucket of KFC and we had an easy dinner at my mom and dad's house.  I let the kids play a bit, and we headed back on the road for the last leg of our trip around 6 pm.  Hendrix stayed awake until around Fort Wayne, then passed out.  He woke up about 20 minutes from home though, and he had had enough of that car.  He started crying and continued to cry the whole way home.  I felt so darn bad for him.  I understood his annoyance, but couldn't do anything about it.   We survived though, and made it home around 8 pm.  I gave both boys baths, and they went to bed.  I was NOT too far behind them!

It was a good weekend with family, but of course very tiring.  Travelling with young ones is something I don't wish to do very often! 

Jameson swinging at the park.

Jameson sitting on the picnic table at the park.

GG sitting on Hendrix's lap!

Jameson playing on the deck.

Jameson and GG having a chat.  LOL

Hendrix playing with his dump truck in the rocks.

Mom, Hendrix, and GG working on our ice cream!

Mmmmm....homemade ice cream in progress!

Jameson, Cameron, and Hendrix

My cousin, Allison, and I with our ice cream.

The most adorable Cameron.

The look on poor Jamers' face on the last leg - between Portland and Grand Rapids.  "Am I seriously STILL in this carseat?"

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