Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As promised - pics of the weekend (June 22-24)

The pictures of the weekend, as promised!

Jameson, starting on his birthday gifts!!

Hendrix, those are mine!  Lemme see!

Jameson's smash cake. (Looks a bit girly, I know...)

The piggy cake!

Oh yes.  Yesssss.  I'll just have some more of this.

The adult kiddie pool I got Jamers for his birthday. ;)

Hendrix was such a big helper blowing up the corner chairs.

And filling it up with the garden hose...

Our grilled peanut-butter, marshmallow bananas.  Verrrry tasty!

In a Rut

I'm feeling very blah about work lately.  I get into phases where I just really hate the fact that I'm working, and I feel myself sliding into one of those phases again.

I'm thankful for my job, and I appreciate the simple blessing of having a paycheck when so many people are struggling to bring one home all around the country/world every day. 

But I get so down on myself for the amount of - or lack of, really - time that I spend with my children.  My  baby turned a year old on Sunday, and it feels like it was a couple weeks ago that I brought him home from the hospital.  Hendrix calls the babysitter "mommy."  (That one brings tears to my eyes as I write it now.)  I've been focusing on making the little amount of time I DO spend with the kids the best I can, but it still hurts to drop them off at the sitter/daycare each day and not see them until ten hours later.

There's gotta be more to life, right?

Ode to Hendrix :)

This is an ode to Hendrix.  ;)  No, really, I just wanted to see if I could upload pictures from this computer with an updated browser and it appears to work.  Yay!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap (June 22-24): Jameson turns one!!

I'm really very frustrated with this new format of blogger.  My browser is apparently outdated, and when I upload pictures to my blog posts, it states that there are errors on the page and my posts won’t publish.  So I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I need to update my browser and see if that helps.  My boys are way too cute not to share with everyone!

Anyway, we had a really nice weekend!  Friday, in preparation for Jameson's birthday party, I started cooking and baking around 6 pm and finally went to bed around midnight.  It was exhausting!  So Friday night wasn't exciting.

Saturday morning, My parents and my  niece, Rylee, arrived around 10 am, and Matt's mom Joyce, his brother Jon, Jon's wife Rachael, and their 1 year old daughter Gracie arrived around 11 am.  We had lunch around noon, then Jameson opened his gifts.  He got all clothes, except for some blocks that locked together, but that's good.  I really didn't want a bunch of toys because the boys' toyroom is currently overflowing with toys they never play with! 

After presents, we got dressed in our swim suits and headed down the block to the community pool.  It was a great day for it, and we swam for about an hour before the kids started getting sleepy.  We headed back to our house and had cake and ice cream.  Mmm!

After everyone's stomachs were full of sugar, the guests headed out.  I'm not sure if it was swimming, or the big dose of sunshine, or what, but we were all so exhausted.  We put Jameson down for a nap and put some Curious George on for Hendrix, and all four of us sacked out for about an hour and a half Saturday afternoon.  It was soooo fantastic!  I haven't gotten a nap in months and it felt so darn good!  After we woke up, we warmed up leftovers for dinner and just played and enjoyed life. :)

Sunday morning, we got out the pool that I ordered for Jameson.  Happy birthday, Jameson, and happy Jameson's birthday, whole family.  Hehehehe.  We blew the body of the pool up with our electric pump.  The seats, however, were blown up with our lungs.  Awkward.  Hendrix was excited to help, though!  I let him "help" fill it up, but we had to leave it and walk away because it ended up taking about an hour to fill! 

After it was full, we headed to Bowling Green to run a few errands in hopes that the sunshine would warm the hose water up.  That didn't happen too much.  Ha!  Regardless, Hendrix was so excited and ready to hop right in as soon as we got home.  Jameson loved splashing in the pool as well.  We had a backyard pool party for a couple hours Sunday afternoon.  The boys just loved it! 
After we finally coaxed Hendrix out of the pool, we grilled steak and bananas, had sliced up fresh watermelon, and made homemade pasta salad.  It was all so tasty!  Sundays have become our grilling days, and I just love it.

It was a family filled, relaxed, fun weekend, and - as usual - it passed by entirely too quickly.  Looking forward to Friday already!

Hope everyone enjoyed their family and loved ones this weekend as well!

Fitness 2012: Week 25 (June 17 - 23)

Sunday, June 17: REST DAY
(unpacked from camping, etc.)

Monday, June 18:
30 minutes on elliptical at work - burned 430 calories!
(weighed myself this day, and after 5 days of no exercise and a weekend of eating whatever I wanted, I'd gained 3 pounds.  I try hard not to obsess about weight, but this shook me a bit, not going to lie.)

Tuesday, June 19:
30 minutes on elliptical at work - burned 415 calories!

Wednesday, June 20:
3.1 miles, average pace 9:01 (2 sub-9 min. miles!)

Thursday, June 21: REST DAY
(wasn't home until later due to getting my car worked on, and had to bake a certain little brown-eyed boy his birthday cake!)

Friday, June 22:
30 minutes on the elliptical at work - burned 425 calories!

Saturday, June 23:
REST DAY - Jamers' birthday party <3

Miles for the week: 3.1
Miles for June: 19.74
Miles for 2012: 165.64

Mileage was low, but I'm proud of myself for getting 4 workouts in!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My enemy has returned.....

Sugar.  I love it, and I hate that I love it.  How can I stop myself from "needing" it?  Ahhhh I'm so frustrated.

A while back, I said I was going to focus hard on replacing sugar with natural sweet things such a fresh fruits.  I did.......for a while.  Then I fell off that train.

But I'm ready to get back on it.  I bought a box of "Bottle Caps" (my favorite candy after Gobstoppers)today while at Wal-Mart, and have been sitting here munching on them all afternoon.  I feel like a giant gross slob, seriously.  I know I'm not a slob, but what sugar consumption does for my mental/emotional state is complete freaking craziness.

It's gotta stop.  It seems like the more sugar I eat, the more I want.  Yikes.  I've read online that it takes anywhere from 4 days to two weeks to stop having sugar cravings, so I have a feeling the next week or so is going to be very rough. 

I through an almost-full box of bottle caps in the trash can at work about 3 minutes ago.  I anticipate a high level of difficulty on Saturday when everyone is eating cake and ice cream at Jameson's party.  I just have to keep my eye on the prize (better emotional state, better body, etc) and probably do a lot of praying for self-control!

Wish me luck.....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 24 (June 10-16)

Sun 06/10:  Ended up spending the whole afternoon on a boat with friends, so other than holding on to the innertube while I was being pulled, I didn't work out this day.

Mon 06/11: 3.15 miles

Tues 06/12: Rest

Weds 06/13: 3.15 miles

Thurs 06/14: rest - packing for our trip.

Fri 06/15: Rest and relaxation - camping trip!

Sat 06/16: Rest and relaxation - camping trip!

Miles for the week: 6.30
Miles for June: 16.64
Miles for 2012: 162.54

Monday, June 11, 2012

My goals for this week: June 10-16

I've kind of been missing from the blog lately other than my Fitness 2012 posts, and for that I apologize.  Life got pretty hectic there for a while, but I think we're finally at a place where we can focus on relaxing and enjoying our summer now, so I'll try to do better with the blog!

We're taking our new-to-us popup camper out on it's inaugural voyage this coming weekend, and I couldn't be more excited!!!  We'll be camping in northern Indiana with some really great friends of ours.  We've been working on buying and gathering our camping supplies, and preparing the camper for the trip, and I think we're just about there!  So, this week's goals focus mainly on getting ready for our trip.

Monday, June 11
Pack my clothes
Lay out the boys' clothes for the rest of the week and pack the rest for camping
Do a load of laundry

Tuesday, June 12
Dinner with the Ludwigs and the Rowes to discuss last minute plans - and to eat ice cream!
Pack the snack/first aid kit/"things we need to have handy" bag
Wash all the blankets we'll be taking with us
Do a load of laundry

Wednesday, June 13
Gather all dishes and kitchen
Wash all remaining laundry needed for the trip
Get cash (about $100) in small bills to take with us

Thursday, June 14
Gas the car
Hook the camper up to the car and pull it around front
Pack the car!
Last minute shopping run

Friday, June 15
Up early to get everything packed before leaving for work
Steph off at noon
Leave by 2 pm (1:30 if I can convince Matt to get home that early)

Saturday, June 16

I bought the neatest contraption today!  I don't have a picture to show you yet because I just bought it on my lunch break, and haven't had time to take it out of it's bag yet, but it's like this giant umbrella made to sit on the ground.  It's almost like half of an umbrella.  It's flat on the bottom, and that sits on the ground, and the dome comes up and around you so you can sit under it for shade, or a break from the wind, or even a light rain.  It is eight feet wide, and I thought it would be perfect for Jameson to sit under and play on a blanket, so he doesn't have to sit in the sun.  Plus, it's almost tent-like, so I'm sure Hendrix will love it also.

I also bought a gardening wagon that is on hinges and it folds up.  How cool?  I scored both of these cool contraptions for $96. :)

So, as you can see, my To-Do list for this week is full, but it's also full of excitement!  I've been so darn excited to go camping since about March.  (I've been talking about doing it for probably two years now.)  We were supposed to go in May, but were unable to due to Larry being so ill, so this is our first trip of 2012.  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures, and give a full recap of course.

But first I have to get through this sure-to-be-long work week.  Bleck. :P

Fitness 2012: Week 23 (June 3 - 9)

I did much better with my runs this week.  My goals were 2 lunch break workouts and 2 runs after the boys went to bed, and I accomplished this. Yahoo!

Sunday, 6/3:  4.05 miles

Monday 6/4:  15 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes resistance weights, stretching

Tuesday 6/5:  3.16 miles

Wednesday 6/6: 10 minutes on elliptical, 20 minutes resistance weights, stretching
 (my legs were tired from running, so I shortened my cardio this day)

Thursday 6/7: 3.15 miles

Friday 6/8: Rest

Saturday 6/9: Rest

Miles for the week: 10.34
Miles for June: 10.34
Miles for 2012: 156.24

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap (June 1-3)

Friday, June 1
Matt picked up the boys and I stayed at work after 5 and worked out, then headed to El Camino Real to meet up with my old co-workers from the call center.  We had dinner and some drinks.  It was nice to catch up with them, and I hope to do it again soon!

Saturday, June 2
We got up and headed out to Indiana for my 3rd weekend in a row, and Matt's 5th or 6th in a row.  Sigh.  But it was his niece's 1st birthday party.  Time sure flies.  We got to his brother's house (Jon) around 12:45 and let the kiddos run around.  The party was from 2-4.  We ate yummy food and watched Gracie destroy her cupcake and open her gifts.  Very cute!  We headed back home around 4:30.  The drive home - when we go there and back in the same day - is always rough.  The boys nap for a little bit, and when they wake up and realize they're still in the car, are grumpy as can be!  Hendrix woke up from his nap and was whining, which is always how it starts, but somehow we managed to act silly and play enough games to get us home without a major meltdown.  Yay!  We got the boys to bed around 8:30 and relaxed until I went to bed around 10.

Sunday, June 3
We haven't been doing a great job in going to church lately.  We dragged ourselves out of bed at 6 am, got ourselves and the boys ready, and made it to early service!  Hendrix lasted about 12 minutes before he got bored, so I ended up back in the unstaffed nursery (no nursery during early service) letting him play.  It's frustrating to go to church just for one of us to have to end up in the back the whole time, but we much prefer early service because we're home by 10:00 am.  When we go to late service, we don't even leave the house until 10:30.  Late service just cuts a large chunk out of our day.  After we got home, I started laundry and did dishes.  We had a light lunch, then Matt and Hendrix worked out in the garage, straightening it up a bit.  I worked on laundry all day, got it all put away, and we grilled out for dinner.  We had burgers, corn on the cob, and roasted red potatoes.  Mmmm.  After dinner I attempted to give both boys haircuts.  (I've been a failure at taking pictures lately.)

Around 7:20, Jameson got super fussy, because he was tired.  I gave him kisses, and Matt took him upstairs and put him in bed.  Well, he screamed bloody murder for like 15 minutes before we couldn't take it anymore.  Matt went up to calm him down while I got Hendrix's teeth brushed and took him potty one last time.  Hendrix and I went upstairs around 7:40, picked out books, and went into the bedroom.  I put Jamers on my lap to calm him down and started reading to him.  He calmed down fairly quickly, and gave me some fuzzy-headed snuggles in my neck (best thing ever).  I think he was just mad that we didn't follow our normal routine.  After books, we said our prayer as usual, and **as soon as** my body shifted to stand up, Jameson started whining.  I laid him down in his crib and he started screaming again!  At that point, I had figured out that he was just throwing a fit.  I apologized to Hendrix and told him that J would calm down shortly.  We went downstairs, and Jameson quieted down, but only for about 3 minutes.  Then he started screaming again.  I went upstairs, he was on his belly.  He knows how to roll back onto his back, but tends to be very lazy.  I rolled him on his back, told him firmly that it was time for night-night, and walked out.  He screamed for about 30 more seconds, then was out for the night.  Sigh.  He's definitely hit a cognitive growth spurt in the last week or two.  He's becoming more jealous of everything Hendrix does, he plays with you, he follows very simple instructions, and he's trying to say a few words.  Maybe he'll learn to crawl or walk soon.....geesh I hope so.

It was a pretty nice weekend.  Hoping its warm enough this coming weekend to take the boys to the pool!

Fitness 2012: Week 22 (May 27 - June 2)

I didn't get any running miles in this week.  Sad face.  I did get three workouts in at work though.

Sunday May 27:  Rest Day - the Kane's were still at our house

Monday May 28:  Rest Day - Memorial Day

Tuesday May 29:  30 minutes on elliptical at work

Wednesday May 30:  15 minutes on elliptical at work + 15 minutes resistance weights (arms)

Thursday May 31:  Rest

Friday June 1:  25 minutes on elliptical at work

Saturday June 2:  Rest Day - travelled to Indiana for a birthday party

Miles for the week: 0
Miles for May: 16.35
Miles for June: 0
Miles for 2012: 145.90

I hope to turn those 0's into some real numbers starting this week.  I ran yesterday, and plan on going on two night runs this week after the boys are in bed, + two workouts at work (one of which is to commence in about 10 minutes).  I purchased several pairs of shorts last week, and some of then are L.E.I. size 7.  I'm sooooo excited to be into a size 7 again, and I refuse to re-gain the weight and "grow out of" them.  So I'm back to stepping it up.  I feel amazing and wore shorts yesterday.  I haven't felt comfortable wearing shorts in probably five years.  Loving it! :)