Monday, June 4, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 22 (May 27 - June 2)

I didn't get any running miles in this week.  Sad face.  I did get three workouts in at work though.

Sunday May 27:  Rest Day - the Kane's were still at our house

Monday May 28:  Rest Day - Memorial Day

Tuesday May 29:  30 minutes on elliptical at work

Wednesday May 30:  15 minutes on elliptical at work + 15 minutes resistance weights (arms)

Thursday May 31:  Rest

Friday June 1:  25 minutes on elliptical at work

Saturday June 2:  Rest Day - travelled to Indiana for a birthday party

Miles for the week: 0
Miles for May: 16.35
Miles for June: 0
Miles for 2012: 145.90

I hope to turn those 0's into some real numbers starting this week.  I ran yesterday, and plan on going on two night runs this week after the boys are in bed, + two workouts at work (one of which is to commence in about 10 minutes).  I purchased several pairs of shorts last week, and some of then are L.E.I. size 7.  I'm sooooo excited to be into a size 7 again, and I refuse to re-gain the weight and "grow out of" them.  So I'm back to stepping it up.  I feel amazing and wore shorts yesterday.  I haven't felt comfortable wearing shorts in probably five years.  Loving it! :)

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