Monday, June 25, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 25 (June 17 - 23)

Sunday, June 17: REST DAY
(unpacked from camping, etc.)

Monday, June 18:
30 minutes on elliptical at work - burned 430 calories!
(weighed myself this day, and after 5 days of no exercise and a weekend of eating whatever I wanted, I'd gained 3 pounds.  I try hard not to obsess about weight, but this shook me a bit, not going to lie.)

Tuesday, June 19:
30 minutes on elliptical at work - burned 415 calories!

Wednesday, June 20:
3.1 miles, average pace 9:01 (2 sub-9 min. miles!)

Thursday, June 21: REST DAY
(wasn't home until later due to getting my car worked on, and had to bake a certain little brown-eyed boy his birthday cake!)

Friday, June 22:
30 minutes on the elliptical at work - burned 425 calories!

Saturday, June 23:
REST DAY - Jamers' birthday party <3

Miles for the week: 3.1
Miles for June: 19.74
Miles for 2012: 165.64

Mileage was low, but I'm proud of myself for getting 4 workouts in!

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