Monday, June 11, 2012

My goals for this week: June 10-16

I've kind of been missing from the blog lately other than my Fitness 2012 posts, and for that I apologize.  Life got pretty hectic there for a while, but I think we're finally at a place where we can focus on relaxing and enjoying our summer now, so I'll try to do better with the blog!

We're taking our new-to-us popup camper out on it's inaugural voyage this coming weekend, and I couldn't be more excited!!!  We'll be camping in northern Indiana with some really great friends of ours.  We've been working on buying and gathering our camping supplies, and preparing the camper for the trip, and I think we're just about there!  So, this week's goals focus mainly on getting ready for our trip.

Monday, June 11
Pack my clothes
Lay out the boys' clothes for the rest of the week and pack the rest for camping
Do a load of laundry

Tuesday, June 12
Dinner with the Ludwigs and the Rowes to discuss last minute plans - and to eat ice cream!
Pack the snack/first aid kit/"things we need to have handy" bag
Wash all the blankets we'll be taking with us
Do a load of laundry

Wednesday, June 13
Gather all dishes and kitchen
Wash all remaining laundry needed for the trip
Get cash (about $100) in small bills to take with us

Thursday, June 14
Gas the car
Hook the camper up to the car and pull it around front
Pack the car!
Last minute shopping run

Friday, June 15
Up early to get everything packed before leaving for work
Steph off at noon
Leave by 2 pm (1:30 if I can convince Matt to get home that early)

Saturday, June 16

I bought the neatest contraption today!  I don't have a picture to show you yet because I just bought it on my lunch break, and haven't had time to take it out of it's bag yet, but it's like this giant umbrella made to sit on the ground.  It's almost like half of an umbrella.  It's flat on the bottom, and that sits on the ground, and the dome comes up and around you so you can sit under it for shade, or a break from the wind, or even a light rain.  It is eight feet wide, and I thought it would be perfect for Jameson to sit under and play on a blanket, so he doesn't have to sit in the sun.  Plus, it's almost tent-like, so I'm sure Hendrix will love it also.

I also bought a gardening wagon that is on hinges and it folds up.  How cool?  I scored both of these cool contraptions for $96. :)

So, as you can see, my To-Do list for this week is full, but it's also full of excitement!  I've been so darn excited to go camping since about March.  (I've been talking about doing it for probably two years now.)  We were supposed to go in May, but were unable to due to Larry being so ill, so this is our first trip of 2012.  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures, and give a full recap of course.

But first I have to get through this sure-to-be-long work week.  Bleck. :P

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