Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap (June 22-24): Jameson turns one!!

I'm really very frustrated with this new format of blogger.  My browser is apparently outdated, and when I upload pictures to my blog posts, it states that there are errors on the page and my posts won’t publish.  So I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I need to update my browser and see if that helps.  My boys are way too cute not to share with everyone!

Anyway, we had a really nice weekend!  Friday, in preparation for Jameson's birthday party, I started cooking and baking around 6 pm and finally went to bed around midnight.  It was exhausting!  So Friday night wasn't exciting.

Saturday morning, My parents and my  niece, Rylee, arrived around 10 am, and Matt's mom Joyce, his brother Jon, Jon's wife Rachael, and their 1 year old daughter Gracie arrived around 11 am.  We had lunch around noon, then Jameson opened his gifts.  He got all clothes, except for some blocks that locked together, but that's good.  I really didn't want a bunch of toys because the boys' toyroom is currently overflowing with toys they never play with! 

After presents, we got dressed in our swim suits and headed down the block to the community pool.  It was a great day for it, and we swam for about an hour before the kids started getting sleepy.  We headed back to our house and had cake and ice cream.  Mmm!

After everyone's stomachs were full of sugar, the guests headed out.  I'm not sure if it was swimming, or the big dose of sunshine, or what, but we were all so exhausted.  We put Jameson down for a nap and put some Curious George on for Hendrix, and all four of us sacked out for about an hour and a half Saturday afternoon.  It was soooo fantastic!  I haven't gotten a nap in months and it felt so darn good!  After we woke up, we warmed up leftovers for dinner and just played and enjoyed life. :)

Sunday morning, we got out the pool that I ordered for Jameson.  Happy birthday, Jameson, and happy Jameson's birthday, whole family.  Hehehehe.  We blew the body of the pool up with our electric pump.  The seats, however, were blown up with our lungs.  Awkward.  Hendrix was excited to help, though!  I let him "help" fill it up, but we had to leave it and walk away because it ended up taking about an hour to fill! 

After it was full, we headed to Bowling Green to run a few errands in hopes that the sunshine would warm the hose water up.  That didn't happen too much.  Ha!  Regardless, Hendrix was so excited and ready to hop right in as soon as we got home.  Jameson loved splashing in the pool as well.  We had a backyard pool party for a couple hours Sunday afternoon.  The boys just loved it! 
After we finally coaxed Hendrix out of the pool, we grilled steak and bananas, had sliced up fresh watermelon, and made homemade pasta salad.  It was all so tasty!  Sundays have become our grilling days, and I just love it.

It was a family filled, relaxed, fun weekend, and - as usual - it passed by entirely too quickly.  Looking forward to Friday already!

Hope everyone enjoyed their family and loved ones this weekend as well!

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