Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

1)  I REALLY need to update the picture on my blog.  I mean, it was taken over a year ago now.  Geesh. 

2) Being frugal because you want to be and because you love scoring a good deal is fun.  Being frugal because you have to be in order to pay off a stupid amount of credit card debt is not so fun.

3) Don't you hate it how you swear you won't let people's negative attitudes affect your mood?  Then, no matter how hard you try to ignore their negativity, you find yourself grumbling and in less than super spirits?  Grr.

4) Super excited for our camping trip next weekend!

5) The other night we were taking a walk to the trails.  As we went over the bridge, Hendrix says, "There's the 'Mommy and Daddy' river! (the Maumee river)"  Doesn't my kid just say the cutest things?

6) Dieting and exercising to lose and/or maintain weight isn't enjoyable!  Do you know how badly I want a giant cheeseburger and deep fried fries right now?????

7) Our neighbor across the street addressed and spoke to my husband for the first time last night in the three years we've lived in our house.  Recluse.

8) Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds are my new favorite snack and perhaps obsession.  You HAVE to try them.  But don't blame me if you eat half the canister in one sitting.

9) Facebook is becoming more and more annoying to me as the days pass. I somewhat enjoy Twitter.

10) I MUST find a way to start my own somewhat successful business.

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