Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Weekend Recap post is in the works.....In the mean time, enjoy some of my random thoughts! :D

1) My new favorite website is  Taralynn McNitt is a huge inspiration to me and my healthy living goals.  Every time I get into a slump, or want to give up on this healthy-eating thing, I just read her biography, or look at her pictures, and I'm motivated all over again.  She's just the cutest thing, too!

2) I've had coffee two times in the last week.  What's going on with me?  I never drink coffee.

3) We are going to the Fort Wayne Zoo on Saturday with my parents, my sister, and my niece.  I'm so excited to see my family, and watch the boys enjoy seeing the animals (Jameson's obsession right now!).  After the zoo, we're going to Elwood to see Matt's mom.  Should be a very busy, but FUN day!

4) I discovered Pandora radio this past week.  I seriously don't know why it took me so long to figure out the amazing-ness that is Pandora!  I really dig the 50's rock-n-roll station!

5) I started my Christmas shopping last week!  I ordered four gifts on Amazon.  My goal is to be done shopping/wrapping/everything by Thanksgiving.  I also want to make a few handmade gifts this year, too.  I think a trip to Hobby Lobby/Michael's is in order soon!

6) Speaking of Christmas, I'm planning on having a ladies only/no kids Cookie Exchange party this holiday season.  The planning is already in the works and I think it's just going to be the funnest thing!

7) I realized the other day that college football is going to start here in just a few weeks.  YAY!!  I've decided that we're going to start being Ohio State fans.  Haha!

8) I tried drying/dehydrating some strawberries last night (idea brought to you by Pinterest), and it did NOT work.  They are a gooey, gross mess.  That was a waste of a whole container of berries.  Grr.

9) In about a week and a half, I'm hopping on a plane and heading to Colorado Springs to see my cousin/BFF for a weekend (for our birthdays).  We're going to Pike's Peak, and going to just hang out and relax.  I also get to meet her 20 month old daughter for the first time.  I'm so excited!

10) I think I may buy a food dehydrator with my birthday money this year.  Mmm, apple and sweet potato, and zucchini chips, oh my!

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