Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upcoming Challenges - Yikes!

So, if you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm making every effort to me more concious of what goes into my body and eat healthier, along with staying active and exercising.  I've failed, as expected, at times, and eating less-than-healthy foods.  But overall, I've done pretty well, and with the right inspirations, get re-motivated every day!

That being said, I've got two events coming up in the next couple weeks that are going to challenge me on my healthy-lifestyle quest, and I'm trying not to stress about them.  (Anyone else feel that writing/blogging about what's on your mind puts your mind at ease!?)

1) Girls night: Friday, July 27th

I'm REALLY looking forward to this night!  My group of friends gets together about once a month (though it's been a lot longer than that this time around, for whatever reason) to hang out, socialize, eat, drink, and enjoy adult company away from our kiddos!  For this get-together, we're having a beach-themed party at my friend Jeanna's parents-in-law's pond.  Jeanna is pulling a couple campers up to the pond so we have electricity and a place to crash if necessary, and everyone is going to bring a snack or two, and we're going to swim, dance, and have fun.  How great, right??

I'm anxious about all the (unhealthy) food that's going to be there, and I'm guilty of bringing one of the unhealthy options!  Gahhhh!  I offered to bring my Buffalo Chicken Dip because it's always a hit, and it's sooooo darn delicious!  I bought groceries for it today, and I bought fat free cream cheese, and fat free cheddar cheese, so hopefully that will take the calorie count down a bit.  I don't want to deprive everyone of this delicious snack, so I'm still going to bring it, I just have to strictly limit myself to one small helping of it.

I also said I'd try to make sugar cookies, but I'm not going to have time for that, and want to go with something healthier anyway!  I'm thinking about doing mini-fruit pizzas on rice cakes, inspired by my newest favorite website:  Either that or fruit salad, something healthy, for sure!  I think if I counter-balance my fatty buffalo chicken dip with a healthy fruit dish, I'll feel better about it.  I still have to eat everything in moderation, however, and that will be challenging, because there is going to be a lot of delicious food there!

2) Trip to Colorado Springs, CO:  Thursday Aug 2 - Sunday Aug 5

So, in discussing the trip with my best friend, who I'm going to visit, we'd previously decided to say "To Heck with our diets for that weekend, it's such a rare occasion, we're going to eat what we want!"

I was on board with that train of thought, but now I know I've got to stay focused and stay strong.  I'm not going to just deny everything delicious that comes my way, because it's always my goal to put people before food, but I've got to seriously limit the amount of junk I consume!  I've got to make sure I drink my water each day, and keep popping gum so that I don't nibble the whole time I'm there. Hopefully her 20 month old, M (as we shall call her), will keep us busy enough that there won't be time to sit around and eat!

We are going out to eat on my last evening there at a restaurant called Rockbottom.  In our house, we rarely go out to eat.  We like to eat at home and save money, but eating out is actually one of my favorite things to do!  I'm going to scour the menu over the next week, decide what healthy option I want, and stick to my guns in ordering it.  Gotta save calories in food for a drink or two anyway, right? :)


So there you have it.  I'm really motivated to stay on my healthy-eating plan right now, but I go through slumps and periods of HIGH temptation quite often, and I know I'll go through at least one of them before or during these events.  But, I stepped on the scale on my lunch break today and saw a new low number - my lowest since high school!  This is too exciting!  I've got to keep this up, and I just might meet my goal!

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