Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Goals (July 20-22)

It's always entertaining, on Sunday night or Monday morning, to examine my goals and see how many of them actually got accomplished.  Ha!  Seems like the kids or the couch tend to take priority more often than not. :)

Our house has slowly been getting cluttered up, and it's starting to really drive me crazy.  My goal this weekend is de-cluttering and re-organizing our home.  I'm planning on having a rummage/garage/yard sale (whatever you call it) in the next month or so, so now's the time to get RID of all our junk.

The tentative plan (because plans are always tentative, right?) is to go through the attic and the kids' toyroom tonight.  Tomorrow, I'd like to go through our bedroom and the kids' room.  After that, it's the kitchen (<---yuck), then living room and bathroom, then dining room bookshelf last.  Honestly, I probably won't get past the kitchen, if I even get THAT far!!

I want to buy totes and containers and make picture labels for everything.  That way, my husband and kids have no excuse to put something out of its place!!  (Yeah right....)  I'd love my fridge and pantry to look like this when I'm all done.  I seriously drool over those pictures!

Ok, so I'll be back on Sunday or Monday (hopefully) with an update, and we'll all laugh at how not even half of these goals got accomplished because I chose, instead, to sit on the front porch with a glass of wine, or take the kids to the park, or watch a movie with Matt. :)  Meh, life's short, right?

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