Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Recap (July 13-16)

We spent this weekend camping again! Here are some pictures from our trip.

The giant inflatable "rock wall" and slide.  That little blond head in the middle is my Hendrix!

Jameson playing on the beach.....he may or may not have eaten a bit of sand.  Gross.

What I called "The Circle of Intimacy."  We were all huddled under the canopy to avoid the hot sun! 

Looks like we were camping in the desert!

Playground time!

Oops....not sure why this is here twice...

Hendrix went down the waterslide at the pool and smacked his eye on the side of it.  Poor boy.  A twist ice cream cone made it all better though.


Again, not sure why this is here twice, but this is Jameson and his friend, Colt.

Someone is sleepy!

May have left this guy in the fire too long!

Strawberry Camp Pie.  Yummo.


I just love campfires.

Jameson had his tubes put in his ears on Monday.  Little guy did pretty well.  Here he is in his hospital gown and pants.  So stinking cute!

Poor baby felt so out of whack afterwards from the anesthesia.

Finally got him to eat something when we got home.  Then he took a good nap and was back to his normal self after that.

It was a very enjoyable weekend.  I have some goals to accomplish this week, and hope to be able to do a lot of relaxing this coming weekend!  Hope you all have a great week.

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