Friday, August 17, 2012

Goals for the Week! (8/17 - 8/23)

If you paid attention to the date above, you might be scratching your head.  I mean, who plans their week from Friday through Thursday?

Well, I do.

I always feel like the weekend is the start of the giant to-do list each week.  I get done what I can get done on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then try to catch up the rest of the week, before the new "list" forms itself the following weekend.

Wierd?  Perhaps.  Deal with it. :D

So, we get about 1/2 of a weekend this week though.  We're going to be gone all day on Sunday, so that will greatly impact the amount of time I have to do stuff this weekend.  I also have the most wonderful little piece of technology waiting for me on my front porch right now, delivered by UPS, and I can't wait to tear into that box and start creating wonderful and amazing things!

But are the things I'd love to get accomplished in the next seven days!

1) Create wonderful and amazing things with my new toy!  (See what I mean?)

2) Prime the kitchen, and get this make-over/facelift started!

3) Hem my three new pairs of dress pants that have been sitting, with tags still on, for about 3 months.  This way, I can actually - you know - wear them.

4) Wash, dry, fold, and put away all laundry.  (Is that last element the hardest for anyone else?)

5) Wrap the Christmas gifts I have purchased so far.

6) Clean/organize the coat closet.  We'll be needing those pesky coats and jackets before we know it.

7) Experiment with a Pinterest idea for Christmas gifts (sorry, can't reveal what those are, in case certain eyes are reading this blog!).

I'll stop there, because it's unlikely I'll get half of these things done, let alone have room for anything else.  Things always get in the way.  Like crying kids, or clogged plumbing, or - well, lets be honest - a glass (or two) too many of wine.  Ha!

You never know, though, do you?  I'll let ya know how I did next week.

I hope everyone has just the most fabulous weekend with your loved ones.  Smile!  It won't hurt anything, and you may brighten someone's day without even knowing it. :)

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