Friday, August 24, 2012

How did I do? And next week's goals!

Remember last Friday, I set goals for the week, and promised I'd update on how I did?  I try to keep promises.  I mean, I know you have all been on pins and needles waiting for the update.  Who would I be if I didn't deliver!? ;o)

Let's just see how I did, shall we?

1) Create wonderful and amazing things with my new toy! 
Sunday evening, after the boys went to bed, I went upstairs and spent about 20 minutes cutting out a few fall leaves and the word "blessings."  It's all adorable, and I can't wait to play with it some more.  I'm going to carve out time to do so this weekend.  It's a must!

2) Prime the kitchen, and get this make-over/facelift started!
Cha-ching!  This one was blown out of the water.  We didn't just prime the kitchen, it's all painted!

3) Hem my three new pairs of dress pants that have been sitting, with tags still on, for about 3 months.  This way, I can actually - you know - wear them.
Nope.  Didn't happen.

4) Wash, dry, fold, and put away all laundry.  (Is that last element the hardest for anyone else?)
Done!  I put all the laundry away Tuesday evening, and have put away 4 baskets of it since then.  We're going into the weekend with only about 1 load to do, which is amazing!

5) Wrap the Christmas gifts I have purchased so far.

6) Clean/organize the coat closet.  We'll be needing those pesky coats and jackets before we know it.

7) Experiment with a Pinterest idea for Christmas gifts (sorry, can't reveal what those are, in case certain eyes are reading this blog!).
Didn't happen.  Hope to do it this weekend.

Well, that's 3 out of 7.  That would be a big fat F, but I'm not worried about it.  We got the big stuff (i.e. laundry and kitchen painting) done.  I also dusted, vacuumed, and organized the book shelf this week!  I busted my tooshy so that I could head into the weekend with a little time to relax.  Mission: accomplished!

So, that being said, here are my goals through Thursday!

1) Work on kitchen decor.  This includes: painting the trim, painting the pantry and microwave stand, decopauging fridge magnets to match the decor, sewing valances for the windows, making a few rugs, and working on soft lighting, among other little details.

2) Hem my three new pairs of pants.  (See last week's goal #3.)

3) Wrap Christmas gifts I have purchased so far.  (See last week's goal #5.)

4) Clean/organize coat closet.  (See last week's goal #6.)

5) Expiriment with a Pinterest Christmas gift idea. (See last week's goal #7).

6) Bake bran muffins and quinoa bites.

Here's to another productive week, with an enjoyable weekend thrown in for good measure.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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