Friday, August 17, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

My posts are so random.....I really need to work on more consistent postings!

Anyhoo, here are my random thoughts for the moment!

1) Finally updated the photo.  No longer a picture of fat me, the day after giving birth!  Need a family picture though......

2) I FINALLY saved my pennies and ordered a Silhouette Cameo on Wednesday.  I'm neurotically checking the UPS tracking page.  It's on the truck for delivery.  Expect some serious crafting to take place soon!
3) We are going to Home Depot tomorrow to buy paint and supplies for our kitchen makeover.  I have the most beautiful and comforting image in mind of what it will look like when it's done.  Hope I can achieve that!  I spend way too much time in there for it to look like it does now.  Barf.

4) I have ordered about 15 Christmas gifts already.  (Probably have to buy a totaly of about 50, including all gifts for all kids....there are 7 kids to buy for in the family!) I feel like I have a good start on my goal of being finished by Thanksgiving.

5) Speaking of Christmas, I am so beyond ready for fall, and then the holidays.  Love love love it!

6) I've started drinking coffee.  I go through phases where I like it, then I hate it again.  Right now I'm in a "like-it" phase.  Hard to tell if it will last or not.

7) It's funny how you feel like you truly know someone once you follow their blog for a while.  A runner-blogger had a baby Wednesday and I'm excited as if we were friends in real life. :)  You can check her little family out at

8) I'm in a running funk lately.  Like, I-don't-want-to-do-it kind of funk.  I do it anyway (because I'm addicted), but I never want to.  I always feel amazing afterwards though!
9) On that same note, I've pretty much decided I'm not going to run the Glass City 1/2 Marathon in April.  Training was stressful for me, I injured myself, and it took the fun out of running and made it feel like a chore.  Not all about that.

10) I'm ready to enjoy a glass of wine this evening. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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