Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Future of the Metz Family

This post is kind of random, but that's always fun, right?

So the future of our little family of four is that we are going to grow in age, but not in size!  That's right.  For those of you who don't know me well, I do not want to have any more children.  I love my boys more than life itsself, but I'm perfectly happy with their handsome little selves, and am choosing to forever be outnumbered and disgusted with all the burps, farts, and testosterone overload that will certainly happen in my house in the next couple decades! :o)

That being said, I was thinking this morning of all the women I know that have "baby fever."  I have told my husband, for the last year, that if I start talking about wanting another child in the next few years, to slap me and remind me of all the things I love about NOT having a baby (more on that in a moment)! But, when I think about how much I just LOVE to smooch on my Jameson, and then I think about Hendrix, and how he will barely let me get a hug in, let alone give me a kiss, I get a bit sad, knowing that I will blink, and Jameson will be just the same way.  I kind of get the "baby fever" thing.  He's getting harder and harder to smooch every day as it is.  Holding a baby is just the sweetest thing.

Babies are cute, that's a big duh.  Especially fat ones.  My Jameson fits that bill perfectly.  He's fat and he's cute.  Really cute.  And man, oh man, is he ever sweet.  When he looks at you with those fat cheeks and big brown eyes, you'll melt.  Don't try to stop it from happening.  But as cute as babies are, there are a lot of reasons they're very difficult.  These reasons are why I'm done having kids.

So, in the next few years, if this "baby fever" thing even starts to creep into my general vicinity, I'm going to look back on this post and remind myself of all the things I love about NOT having a baby in the house:

1) Sleeping all night long.  I can go to bed at 10 pm and not wake up before 6 am.  It's a glorious, wonderful, restful thing. 

2) Not having to buy formula.  Holy crap, have you seen the price of baby formula lately (those of you who BF or don't have babies)??  We started buying it in bulk at Sam's Club with Jameson - not sure why that idea didn't strike us with Hendrix - and it helped a bit, but still.  Anywhere from $30-$50 a week to formula feed a baby. thanks.

3) Not having to buy diapers.  We aren't there yet with Jameson, but a potty-trained Hendrix is so nice!  I rather enjoy not having to use wipes and scrape poo out of crevices.  Gross.

4) Not having to pack your whole life in a bag to leave the house for a 30 minute run to the grocery store.  Diapers, wipes, formula, pacifiers, burp rags, bottles, water for bottles, teethers, change of clothes (or three), toys, snacks, etc. 

5)  Being able to leave the house in 15 minutes instead of 2 hours.  See #4.  Packing that diaper bag takes forever.  With toddlers, you still have to take them potty, of course, but just filling a sippy up with a drink and throwing a small snack in your purse is MUCH nicer!

6)  Having your arms (and back) back.  When those little monsters learn to walk, you're chasing them around and keeping them out of stuff, yes.  But you also get both of your arms back - for the most part - and don't have to carry them everywhere.  Your back appreciates that, too!

7)  Not having to carry that god-forsaken rear-facing car seat around.  Those things could not be any more awkward.  But when your baby is tiny and you need to take him/her anywhere, it's the easiest way, believe it or not. 

8)  Having a child that can communicate in a way other than screaming.  Whether they can actually say words or not, they can point, grunt, or say what they want.  Sometimes they'll cry anyway, but you know.  Not all the time (see point #9).  And if they hurt somewhere, when they get older, they can tell you their tummy or their head hurts, rather than you trying to play super-detective and figure it out yourself.

9) No colicy baby.  Jameson was colicy.  It was hell for a few months.  I prefer to shut July-August-September 2011 out of my mind.

10) Fun activities!  It's straight-up hard and awkward to go and do anything fun when you have a baby.  They sleep at weird times, they cry, they have to eat at weird get it.  A toddler and older children can appreciate a trip to the zoo, a restaurant outing, a trip to the park, etc.

So....babies are cute.  Yup.  But they're a whole heck of a lot of work and awkwardness.  I'm enjoying my older children (despite temper tantrums, but that's part of it, and it will pass just like the baby stage did).  I'm enjoying my BOYS.  Always wanted boys.  So happy I got them.

My family is perfect the way it is, and if I have anything to say about it, we'll be growing older, not larger.  :)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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