Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap (Aug 17-18-19)

My pictures were uploaded via my iPhone, and they are in a weird order, but that's ok.  :)

So, remember the goals I set for the week?  I accomplished one of them, but it's still early.  I have until Thursday night to cross the rest of them off the list.  (Probably still won't happen!)

Here's the rundown of our weekend:

Friday, August 17
I ran to the market after work, and our deep freeze is again stocked with meat.  Love that!  I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine Friday evening, relaxed with Matt on the couch, and accomplished nothing else.  It was glorious.

Saturday, August 18
I started the day with a run, which took me to a double digit mileage week, which was pretty sweet!  That hasn't happened in a few months.  After my run, we went to Home Depot for paint supplies.  We came home and, in the three hours that Jameson napped, primed and painted the whole kitchen.  Yup, we're that awesome. :)  We went with a light lavender, and are going to accent in grays, whites, and some darker shades of purple.  It's a bit crazy at the moment, because our trim is still wood color, and we are going to paint it all white, but once it's done, it should look very pretty.  Hope to make lots of headway with the kitchen this week! 

Saturday evening, we were supposed to go out to Biaggi's, but we tried a new babysitter this time, and she didn't show up.  They (her and her mother) had said (we confirmed this three times in the week prior) Allison would be there around 6:30.  They both rang the doorbell at 8:30, apologizing profusely, and stating they had forgotten all about it.  Hmm....ok.  But anyway, Matt and I ordered a pizza and watched TV in our comfy clothes.  It wasn't all that bad. :)

Sunday, August 19th
Matt's mom was performing special music for a community church service in her town, so we drove there to support her.  It was an outdoor service, and the weather was gorgeous!  The boys were a little rowdy, as usual, but it went well.  After the service, we headed to a little mom & pop, greasy spoon diner, and it was delicious!  Ha!  Terrible for my healthy eating habits, but once in a great while, that's ok.  We discussed the holidays over lunch, and it's decided that Matt and I will host Thanksgiving from now on! I'm so very excited about that!  After lunch, we headed home.  Both boys slept the whole way home, which was miraculous!  Once we got home, we played and went for a walk.  After the boys went to bed, I played for a bit with my Silhouette, but was very tired, so I was in bed at 10. 

Overall, it was a busy, but good weekend.  Hope you all had a great weekend as well, and here's to a productive week!

Hendrix and Landon's matching feet.  So cute!

The sweet same-age cousin boys!

My new toy!  I'm so in love with this thing, and cannot wait to play and experiment some more with it!  (Especially now that I have Thanksgiving decor to create!)

The new kitchen color.  We're loving it, just need to get the trim painted white.

This weird, random box in our wall is going to become a chalkboard.  I'm excited about this little idea!

The pretty morning sky that I captured on my run Saturday morning.

My silly goose and I at the community church service.

My favorite way to begin a Saturday!

My sweet loves napping on the way home from Indiana.

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