Monday, September 10, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 36: September 2 - September 8) - a 5k race!

Sunday 2 September

Monday 3 September

Tuesday 4 September
3.31 mile run on treadmill @ work

Wednesday 5 September
30 minutes on elliptical at work
413 calories burned

Thursday 6 September
3.33 miles - details can be seen here

Friday 7 September
REST in preparation for the 5k

Saturday 8 September
Tunnel to Tower 5k, in remembrance of those heroes who gave and/or lost their lives in the 9/11 rescue efforts
2.96 miles
This race course was - as you can see - about .15 miles short.  I compared what my Garmin said with what a fellow runner's garmin said, and they matched.  Regardless, I ran 3 miles in 25:26!!  That's definitely a new PR for me.  As we crossed the finish line, they gave us popcicle sticks with our place on them (hey, this was the first running of this race) and mine said 56.  I was super happy with that!  56th place out of 370 runners - sweet!  I ended up leaving to meet Matt and the boys, and my runner friend who stayed behind texted me a picture of a medal and told me I had placed 2nd in my division (women, ages 20-29)!!!!!  I've never placed in any race before, and did not even begin to expect it.  What a sweet surprise!

Miles for the week: 9.60
Miles for September: 12.70
Miles for 2012: 254.32

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