Monday, September 17, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 37 (Sept. 9-15)

Stats for this past week!

Sunday 9 September

Monday 10 September
30 minutes elliptical on my lunch break

Tuesday 11 September
20 minutes elliptical and 10 minutes resistance weights on my lunch break

Wednesday 12 September
30 minutes elliptical on my lunch break

Thursday 13 September
3 mile run on the treadmill (would have been a 5k, but the darn treadmill just up and stopped at, like, 2.99 miles.  Grr!  This really bothered the obsessive/compulsive part of me.  Hehehe!)

Friday 14 September
REST - planned to do Just Sweat on the Wii after the boys went to bed, but Matt got home from Illinois much early than anticipated, so we vedged on the couch together. :)

Saturday 15 September
REST - I really needed this extra rest.  My body has been physically exhausted this past week.  Not sure why.  I had a restful weekend though, and feel refreshed now!

I LOVE fall.  However, I do not love that it is pitch black out at 8:30 pm.  My opportunities to run outside are getting fewer and farther between, now that I won't run after dark.  Looks like weekend mornings and the treadmill are about it for the next 6 months or so.

It's ok though, really.  At this point, I'm focusing on maintaining my weight, and just staying healthy.  I want to always be able to run a minimum of a 5k, but running isn't the priority now, like it was last fall and winter, since I was training for the half marathon.  I'm at a weight, now, that is probably lower than what I weighed as a freshman or sophomore in high school.  It's crazy!  I'm just focusing on eating healthfully and exercising - in whatever form it comes - at least 4 times a week.

Miles for the week: 3
Miles for September: 15.70
Miles for 2012: 257.32

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