Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Recap (Aug 31 - Sept 3)

Our weekend can be summed up like this: a lot of relaxation, along with a bit of drama to end the weekend.

This post contains a photo of a pretty graphic nature towards the end.  If you have a queasy stomach, you've been warned.

I will be posting some recipes and crafty inspirations this week on my other blog, which you can check out here.

I spent some time in the kitchen this weekend.  I made homemade salsa, which is absolutely fantastic!  I've been trying to find a good salsa recipe for a while now, and I finally found one!  I also made the original Nestle Tollhouse recipe cookies, but used some substitutes to make them a bit healthier.  They are also fantastic.  I made monkey bread and tested out a Pinterest recipe for pizza casserole.  It was quite tasty!

The Salsa:

My healthified version of the Nestle Tollhouse recipe:

Monkey bread!  (I'm working on taking better pictures of food.  I like this shot.)

I also finished the re-do of our pantry cupboard in the kitchen.  We painted it white last weekend, and I added lavender details on it this weekend, using my Silhouette.  I love it, and will be sharing it on my other blog this week!

Monday, we headed to the Toledo Zoo with our friend, and the boys' babysitter, and her sister and children.  We were there for a little over two hours.  It was so hot and muggy! 

After the zoo, we rested, and finished up our craftiness.  All was well Monday afternoon.  Then, 6 pm came.  Matt headed out for Indiana (he is on vacation this coming week.  He is in Indiana today, golfing with his brothers.) and Hendrix, Jameson, and I were up in their bedroom playing.  Hendrix was on his top bunk, and him and I were tossing a glow stick back and forth to each other.  (I would like to note that we were not in the dark, we had a lamp on.)  I leaned over to reach the glow stick, and in the split second that I turned my head, Hendrix fell off the bed and hit his head on the trim along the floor.  I checked him out and saw a trickle of blood on his neck.  Upon further inspection, I saw that he had laid his head open. ***Gross picture warning.***

I called Matt and had him turn around.  When he got home, I took Hendrix to the hospital.  We were there for about two hours, but they numbed him and put 8 staples in his head.  It was pretty traumatic for both of us, but we lived to tell the story.

The plans for this upcoming week are to tear out our (only!!) bathroom floor and have the plumbing re-done.  Then, re-lay the floor, and put laminate down to match what's in the living room.  It's going to be hectic in our home this week.  Yikes!

I'm hoping that this short work-week goes by quickly, because we've got a busy, but fun weekend coming up!

Take care, everyone!  I'll leave you with a few other pictures from the weekend.

Daddy teaching Hendrix to play the Wii.

I scored a very cute pair of skinny jeans for $3 at Goodwill!  The most exciting part?  Size 6.  Squeal!!

Sewing valances for our kitchen windows.  Made from a set of bed sheets.

Smooching on my Jamers after bath.  Love this fat piggy baby.

Was feeling lazy and decided to wear my hair scrunched.  I actually kind of loved it.

Oh this boy loves to eat!