Friday, September 21, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's post of random and often un-related thoughts running around in my head and coming out my fingers. :)

1) How is it September 21st already?  It was 37 degrees yesterday morning.  Holy.  High on Saturday is supposed to be lower-60's.  Boots and sweaters time! :o)

2) I have become a contributer to a healthy living blog!  It's unpaid as of right now, but they're hoping to started generating enough through ads to pay their contributors a bit.  Hopefully I can post some great articles and someday make a few bucks off of it?  But for right now, I really do just enjoy sharing my weight-loss experience and tips to encourage others to do the same.  You can check out my article here.  Be sure to browse the full blog for great articles, tips, and recipes!

3) Matt and I are getting away on Saturday (overnight) with two other couples while my mom watches the nuggets at our house.  I am so stinking excited!!

4) I am currently borderline-obsessed with Goodwill.  The last few times I've been in there, I've picked up very cute, like-new skinny jeans for about $3.  I'm wearing a pair or two on our getaway this weekend.  Expect pics!

5) I ordered a whoopie-pie pan this week.  It's sad how excited I am about it.  Oh, the plans I have for this baby.

6) I have all of the so-far-purchased Christmas gifts in my house wrapped already.  Whoop!

7) You have to check out this story, of a runner/crafter/blogger I follow.  Wow.

8) Found out that Jameson can start at Hendrix's "school" at any time, instead of waiting until December.  Hoping to start him next week.  Seriously considering sending them both full time.  LOVE my current babysitter - nothing negative to say about her at all - just think both boys would benefit from having a more structured day every day.

9) Seriously need to get started on homemade Christmas gifts.  Said that last weekend.  Have yet to get started.  No time!  There's never any time!  I don't have time to study, I don't have time to........ok, who knows what I referenced there?  If you don't know, we can't be friends anymore.

10) I'm suddenly in the mood to watch terrible/awesome 90's tv.

Have a fantastic weekend.  I certainly plan to.

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