Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap (September 21-23)

Hi!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was very enjoyable!

Friday evening, we made a frozen pizza and had a "pizza-picnic" on the living room floor while watching "Open Season 3."  This was the first time that Jameson ever got really excited about watching TV.  It was so darn cute.  He was shoving pizza in his mouth, and every few seconds, he'd get all excited and wave his fat little hands around and squeal.  His beautiful brown eyes were glued to that TV the whole time!  Gonna have to make sure we limit TV for our boys so they don't become couch potatoes!

Saturday morning, my mom arrived around 8:30 am to watch the boys for us so we could get away.  At 10, we headed about 5 minutes down the road to our friends' Abe and Josie's house.  Our other friends (Abe's sister and her husband) Nate and Jeanna met us there as well.  We all headed over to northern Indiana to Josie's parents' lake cottage. 

Once there, we made turkey burgers for lunch and had some fresh fruit.  Then, we all watched the OSU game, and just relaxed.  We got ourselves ready around 5, then headed to Pie-Eyed Petey's for some very delicious food!  Matt and I had onion rings (I had 2, he had the rest!) and a buffalo chicken pizza.  Oh yum.  We had a few drinks with our dinner, then headed back to the cottage to drop off the vehicle and walk to a nearby bar.  At the bar, we had a few drinks, and were planning on listening to, and possibly singing some karaoke, but due to college football, karaoke still hadn't started at 11 pm, so we left and just went back to the cottage to hang out.  We were a fun bunch, and laughed and had a great time together!

Sunday morning, Jeanna and I were both up around 7:30.  It's amazing how having kids changes you so you literally can't sleep in anymore.  Ha!  Once everyone was up, we packed up the car, cleaned up the cottage, and headed out.  We stopped for a great breakfast at a little greasy-spoon kind of diner, then drove back home. 

I missed our little men quite a lot, for only being gone for about 24 hours!  We got home, mom headed back to Indiana, and we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and playing. 

It was a great weekend.  How was yours?

The husband and I.  A few days short of 5 years of marriage!

The three girls!  This picture is funny because it looks like the most beautiful day.  It actually poured down rain for a good part of the afternoon. 

The ladies at Pie - Eyed Petey's.

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