Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Healthy Choices

Doesn't each new month feel like a new beginning?  A chance to "start-over," if you feel like you need that?  An opportunity to set new goals?  Sure does to me! 

Not only is is the first day of October, it's fall!  It's strange, because fall is actually the end of the life cycle in nature, but it often feels like a beginning for me.  This past weekend felt like an official transformation from summer to fall, for whatever reason, and I'm going to run with it!

If you know me, or have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I'm very much about living a healthy lifestyle right now.  It's allowed me to lose over twenty pounds in the last 14 months, and feel great.  However, sometimes I feel a bit hypocritical when I talk about it.  It seems like, every Friday at 5 pm, I go home from work, but I leave my self-discipline and self-control there at my desk and pick it back up on Monday.  I don't know that "binge" is the right word, though that's what it feels like I do on the weekends.  I love to bake, and lately, I've been making yummy stuff on the weekends, and can't seem to control myself enough to stop eating it.  My goal is to spend October working on making healthier choices, which can then become habits.

Diet and exercise won't be the only components of "31 Days of Healthy Choices."  A healthy lifestyle involves mental and emotional health as well.  I live a pretty great life.  It's simple.  And I like it that way.  I'm blessed beyond what I'll ever deserve.  I tend to lose patience quickly with the boys, though, and want to work on that.  I want to focus on being happier, more appreciative of things, and enjoying the small moments with my family.  I want to appreciate that my two year old is exactly that - a two year old.  My one year old is just that as well.  They're going to fight, they're going to struggle with listening and doing what I ask.  It's my job to sufficiently distract and re-direct them - not to get mad and yell.

When our house gets cluttered and messy, Matt and I both get stressed out.  It's just who we are.  We like cleanliness and organization.  I'd like to get our fall cleaning done in the month of October and work on developing the habit of doing a little bit each day to keep the house in less-cluttered order so that we feel less stressed.

So, it a nutshell, here are the things I am going to focus on in October!

1) Healthy diet and exercise choices, 7 days a week.  This includes days of rest.  I tend to over-do the exercise during the week and get very tired, physically.  I will try to pack my food for the weekends, just like I do during the week so that I don't go blindly into fueling my body.  I'll have pre-decided snacks and meals for myself.

2) No Baked Goods Each fall, I get in the baking mood, and this year has been no exception!  The only problem with that is: when there are baked goods in my house, I eat them!  This month, I will focus my creative energy on making hand-made Christmas gifts (non-edible) for friends and family, and not on baking.

3) Portion Control  I generally do pretty well with this one.  I don't cook low-fat or low-calorie meals for my family.  My kids struggle enough just to eat what's on their plates at dinner time.  I don't want to worsen that by taking away taste in exchange for calories.  But I will eat only what my body needs for fuel, and not more.  Overeating leads to sleepiness and lack of motivation, anyway!  No room for that in my life!

4) Happiness and Gratitude I often complain that Hendrix is never grateful for all the things I do for him.  Maybe I need to display more gratitude in my own life so that he has a better example to follow.

5) Turn off the cell phone Social networking drama is about too much for me anymore, anyway.  I need to use my evenings and weekends to focus on all of these tasks and on my family, so I'll be leaving my cell phone in my purse a lot more in order to do so.

5) Fall Cleaning  I'm not going to go into detail here about all that needs done for my house to be "deep-cleaned."  The list is enormous.  But, once the big cleaning chores are done, we can:  (see next bullet)

6) Daily household duties Work on building the habit of doing a few small and manageable chores/duties each day so that our house stays cleaner, less-cluttered, and cozier.  We've got a long winter ahead of us where we will be unable to spend much time outside.  We need organization in our home, and need to work to keep it that way. 

I think those six tasks will be enough for October.  They are small, but I really want to focus on getting them down pat.  I hope to follow up this post about the plan with weekly posts regarding how we're doing.

I just love new beginnings.  Happy October to you all.  Enjoy your autumn!

Little did I know, when I came up with and wrote this post, that there is this little thing happening in the month of October in bloggity-blog land called "31 Days."  It's an idea of The Nester (who's blog I am about to delve into!) where you pick one topic to blog about each day for the month of October.  Am I good, or what?  I probably won't post every day, but like I mentioned, I'll try to recap each week with a few other posts in there. Stick around!

This series can be found, from here on out, on my other blog

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