Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Applebutter Weekend Recap! (Oct 11-15)

Another Applebutter Fest has come and gone!  I took Friday and Monday off this past weekend, to be able to better enjoy my favorite weekend of the year.  It was great being away from the office for four whole days!  Here's a rundown of our weekend!

Thursday 11 October
I was supposed to have dinner after work with my friend, Caiti, but she got into an accident (she's ok!), so plans got cancelled.  So I went home and had frozen pizza with my boys.  After dinner, we colored pictures for about an hour.  Hendrix is really into coloring lately, and he's starting to make an effort to stay within the lines, so we encourage the fine-motor things.  I'm such a proud mama, he can write the letter H now, and also the number 4.  Getting so big.  After the nuggets were in bed, I worked on a couple Christmas gifts.

Someone was done with coloring! Hahaha!

Friday 12 October
Friday, I dropped the boys off at daycare, and then went for a great 4.3 mile run.  It had been a few since I'd run outside, and I needed it!  After that, I showered, then ran to Bowling Green for a few errands.  I spent the afternoon crafting.  It was so great.  I even spent an hour (an entire hour!!) just playing the piano.  It's amazing what can be accomplished without 2 toddlers always needing something.  Love those boys so much, but it's impossible to do anything with them around!  For dinner, I made what I call "Bratwurst Bake."  It was inspired by a recipe online, but I did my own thing with it.  It was very good.  Matt kept raving about how much he loved it.  Success! 

A random snuggle session.  Love it!

Saturday 13 October
Both boys thought it would be great fun to wake up at 6 am.  It was ok though, because I had to take Jameson to the hospital for his 1 year lead test anyway.  The lab opened at 7, so we were there right when they opened.  The little trooper didn't even cry when they drew his blood!  Such a sweet boy.  After the hospital, we ran to WalMart quickly, then headed back home.  The parking signs for the festival were already up at 8:30 on Saturday morning.  I made cake batter pancakes and bacon for breakfast once we got home.  Very yummy!  After breakfast, we went to play at the park.  The park was full of people and tents in preparation for the fest, but we snuck around all the barricades and had a little bit of fun on the playground!  For dinner, I made homemade pizza (and managed to burn my thumb).  It was really good.  It's one of my favorite meals!  After bedtime, Matt and I were watching the NLDS playoffs and all the sudden, the power went out, due to all that was going on across the street in preparation for the festival.  At that point, I just went to bed.  I'm such a party animal.

Jameson, at the hospital, waiting to have his blood drawn.

Festival signage!!

Saturday's breakfast. Mmmmm.

My three handsome boys, along the Maumee river. 

Park time!

One of the many tents and teepees along the river for the historical re-enactments.

All for the sake of homemade pizza.  Sigh.

Sunday 14 October
Happy Applebutter Fest 2012!  People were out and about before 7 am.  We got up, showered, dressed, and fed.  Then we headed out to see what there was to offer.  It was a very windy day!  After a walk downtown, we came back home and just played and enjoyed the morning.  For lunch, we had homemade French Dip sandwiches and mac n cheese.  Ohhhhh so delicious!  Hendrix and I went back downtown after lunch to catch the magic show, and purchased this ridiculously delicious popcorn from down the street.  Matt had to leave around dinner time, because he is in Illinois until Wednesday night for training.  We were sad that he left. :(  I gave the boys a bath.  While I was drying Hendrix off afterwards, Jameson climbed up on the toilet, then proceeded to fall off and got a bloody nose.  Between that tumble and the several scratches he'd gotten that day, it looked like I beat him up.  Poor piggy.  I got the boys to bed, and sacked out myself at 9:15 pm!

Enjoying their very first elephant ear!

This stuff was so awesome!  I'd almost drive all the way to Monroe, Michigan just to buy more of it!

Looks like someone needs to realize he's a boy and not a monkey.

I didn't beat him up, I swear.

Monday 15 October
Still don't have to go to work!  I took the boys to daycare again, so I could get some more stuff done.  I had three pairs of dress pants that I purchased in March.  They were too long and needed hemmed.  In the six months that they say, waiting to be hemmed, I lost more weight, and they were now too long AND too big.  So I spent about an hour hemming and taking them in, so now I have three new pairs of pants to wear to work.  Yay!  I also messed around a bit with a Christmas card idea I had.  I did and put away some laundry, and enjoyed the silence.  I went out around noon for a 3.3 mile run. It was one of those runs that you don't want to do, but you feel amazing after you're done.  Glad I sucked it up and went out!  I got the boys from daycare around 4, and we had breakfast (leftover cake batter pancakes) for dinner.  Jameson had a little bug, or something.  He had diarrhea and a really nasty diaper rash, so that wasn't fun.  Woke up Tuesday acting fine though.

So, it was a very enjoyable, fall, festive weekend, and I'm sad to see it come to an end.  My favorite weekends are the ones that we can just spend time at home, and enjoy life, and this past weekend was certainly one of those! Now, if we could just get daddy back home, all will be well.  He should be home late Wednesday evening/night.  We have family pictures this coming weekend, so that should be fun!  (Or torture, who knows...)

Hope everyone has a great week!

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