Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to this week's installment of the random, and often un-related, thoughts running through my head!

1) Today is my Friday!  I took tomorrow and Monday off work, due to it being Applebutter Fest weekend.  It's my favorite weekend of the whole year!

2) My sister-in-law (Matt's younger - not youngest - brother's wife) is now a blogger!  Check out her new blog here.

3) There are people in my social networking circle who have really started to disappoint me with their judgemental statements lately.  It's easy to judge others, but we always have to remember that we are only seeing what's on the surface with people.  We have NO IDEA what's going on behind closed doors, or closed hearts.

4) I have not yet started on Jameson's Doc Ock costume for Halloween.  This isn't good.

5) I want to puke every time I hear a political ad on TV or on the radio.  I'm so ready for it to all be over.  (I'm not politically apathetic, don't get me wrong - just sick of hearing about it.)

6) Goodies on this weekend's menu include: homemade hummus, homemade salsa, cake batter pancakes, cake batter dip with the leftover mix, french dip sandwiches, and homemade pizza.  I'm drooling.

7)  I have a female co-worker who curses more than any man I've ever heard.  She's always ticked off at everyone and everything.  Kind of drives me insane.

8) I'm having dinner tonight with my good friend Caiti.  She's moving away (jerk) so we wanted to get together one last time before she leaves.  I'm looking foward to it!

9) My hair is longer than it's been in a forever-long time.  Maybe since I graduated from high school.  There are days where I just want to cut it.  But I'm darn proud of myself for sticking with it this long.  We'll see what happens when the darn humidity comes back next summer. 

10) While we're bringing up high school..... (I'm not bragging - I promise), the scale said a number yesterday, when I weighed myself, that I haven't seen since probably before high school.  Whoa!!!

Ok peeps, have a fantastic Thursday.  I'll be back on Tuesday with the weekend recap!

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