Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random, and often un-related, thoughts running around in my head!

1) Doctor Octopus is in the works, finally.  Good thing, because Halloween is next week.  (what??!?)

2) I have pulled ahead of my husband this past week in our football cards.  We choose game winners and total scores each week.  Oh yeah, go me!

3) I signed up for my next 5k!  It's the Holiday Hustle (I did it last year) in Maumee, the Saturday after Thanksgiving (after the big Ohio - Michigan game).  It's followed by a holiday parade, and it was a really good time last year!

4) This time of year gets extremely busy.  So no big goals/projects right now.  But, my goal for January is to re-do / re-decorate the boys' bedroom.  It's very boring. come up with ideas and devise a plan!

5) I'm totally digging old rock 'n' roll right now!  I love the 50's, 60's, and 70's pop hits that come on Pandora. 

6) I received a package from my GG in the mail yesterday.  (GG is my mom's mom.  Her name is Carol, but my niece started calling her GG for "great grandma" a few years ago, and it has stuck!)  This is what was in the package:

And this is what I did with the chia seeds this morning:

(I sprinkled them in my oatmeal, if you can't tell...)
There are several health benefits to eating chia seeds, and I'm excited to start regularly adding them to my diet!

7) We have been needing to clean out our garage for a while.  It's bad.  So, I ordered a dumpster and it's set to arrive tomorrow evening.  Hopefully by Saturday evening we can park our vehicles in our garage again! (No really, it's that bad.)

8) Since having Jameson, I've spent far less time with my beloved sewing machine than I would have liked.  (What?  Having two toddlers makes it difficult to maintain hobbies?!?)  I've forgotten a lot of sewing tips.  So, I'm re-reading "Sewing for Dummies" on my kindle, and downloaded the user manual for my machine online this morning, and I'm bound and determined to sew lots of beautiful things this winter!  (And hopefully participate in some craft shows this coming summer and fall.)

9) I'm already thinking about the New Year's Resolution's I may or may not make for 2013.  You?

10) Two months from today is Christmas!!!!  Some people groan about that.  I squeal with delight. :)

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