Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I realized today that I haven't done an update - for a long time - on how the boys are doing in "school," as we call it.

A bit of background:  I'd been thinking about sending both boys to Willow (school) full time, instead of the original part-time I had planned.  I felt like the babysitter was overwhelmed, and Hendrix was having some behavioral issues with her anyway.  Plus, I thought they would both benefit from a more structured day.

So, I told Angie about it, and she told me that she wanted to stop doing home childcare.  So it worked out perfectly. :)

That next week, I started Jameson and Hendrix at Willow 5 days a week.

They are both doing so wonderful!  I think it has really encouraged Jameson to walk more (though he still doesn't take too many steps at a time).  It's helped a bit with language development also, I think.  They say prayer at meal time, and Ms. Carly tells me that Jameson always helps start the prayer!  It goes:

"God is great.
God is good.
Let us thank him
for our food."

Every time they fold their hands and get ready to pray, Jameson says, "Gahhhhh??"  Haha it's way too cute!  He does it at home, too.

Hendrix is just scary-smart.  He's still about 4 weeks away from his 3rd birthday, but Ms. Tina (the owner/director) wanted to move him to the pre-school class early.  I'm so glad she did!  He comes home singing songs every day. 

(By the way, the sound of that boy singing songs is my absolute favorite sound in the whole world right now.)

He knows all twelve months of the year, and all seven days of the week.  He can write the letter "H" and "e" and the number "4."  He loves to talk about the weather, and ask all sorts of questions.....about everything!  We use (what we would consider to be) advanced vocabulary with him, in order to further develop his language.  He repeats everything.  When we think he's not listening, I assure you, he is!
He has weekly homework, and he asks to do it, then asks for more! (I can only hope he'll have that same attitude five to ten years from now!)

Tracing the letter "c."

Tracing his name.

All in all, I couldn't really ask for the boys to be doing better with full time daycare.  I still (and I'm sure I always will) struggle with leaving them in someone else's care for 50 hours each week.  But, they're in great hands, and they're learning so much. 

I'm such a proud mama!

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