Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap (10/19 - 10/21)

The weekends go entirely too fast. :(

Friday, 19 October
I met up with old co-workers from the call center Friday evening for dinner and drinks.  We had a great time laughing and catching up! 

I got home in time to help Matt put the boys to bed.  After they were in bed, Matt and I decided to call it an early night.  We slept from 10pm until the boys woke us up at 7:50 am!!!!  Unheard of!

Saturday, 20 October
Saturday morning, we needed a few groceries, so we ran to the Napoleon Chief store, and Matt and Hendrix got haircuts.  After we got home, we just enjoyed the day together.  I got started on Jameson's Halloween costume (I'll put up a whole post about it when I'm done!).  I also made a batch of cookies that are in the deep freeze for Christmas.  Saturday evening, we made smores (on the stovetop, since it was raining) and carved pumpkins.  It was a fun family day.

Sunday, 21 October
Sunday morning, I cleaned up the kitchen, and Matt did a couple loads of laundry - all before we left for church!  After church, we grabbed fast food (shame on us, I know) and went home to rest for a bit, then headed downtown along the river for family pictures.  They turned out amazing, and can't wait to get the disc back!  For dinner, we had some really awesome breakfast burritos and hash browns.  Mmmm.

We finished the night off by watching a bit of football, of course.  Like I said, the weekend passed by way too quickly, and here I am, on Monday afternoon, already longing for Friday.  Sigh.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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