Friday, November 30, 2012

D-Talk: Jameson update and other random D-stuff.

I haven't posted for a couple weeks about Jameson or the diabetes.  I always think that people really don't care that much about it - and maybe they don't!  But I know that some of my family members and close friends still want to know how the little man is doing.

He's doing really well!  His sugars are still kind of all over the place.  He'll be in a normal range at breakfast, then be either really high or really low at lunch.  He tends to run high around dinner time, so we are experimenting with extra base insulin at lunch, and reducing the carbs in his afternoon snack.  We are just playing around, doing trial  and error, and seeing what we can do to even things out.  I'm not getting up at 1 am to check him anymore, which has allowed me to get a bit more rest. :)

He's a trooper, that boy.  But also so dramatic. :)  He promptly sticks his little fingers or toes out when he sees the glucometer come out. He's definitely not scared of it.  He does, however, say - repeatedly - "owwee."  Before, during, and after the sugar check.  No really, he says it, like, ten times.  Sometimes he whines it, but he usually whispers it.  He's so funny!

He's still not a fan of the insulin injections.  While they don't "hurt," you can definitely feel them more than you can the glucometer lancets.  I've learned that he handles the injections best in his booty, but I always try to rotate injection sites so he doesn't get bruised or sore. (His tummy tends to get tiny little bruises on it.)

We are going on our first overnight trip since diagnosis tomorrow (we are staying with Matt's brother and sister-in-law).  I know we'll be fine.  Just have to make sure we stock our D-kit really well with needles, lancets, alcohol pads, all that stuff.  Tomorrow is also Hendrix and Landon's (the boys' cousin) birthday party, at which we will be jumping on big trampolines and being very active - which lowers blood sugar.  So we'll probably be checking him more often than usual, and have a bunch of sugary juices and snacks on hand - just in case.

So yeah, he's doing great.  Matt and I feel good (as good as possible) about the whole situation too.

So here are a few little things I didn't know/realize about diabetes before J's diagnosis:

It's not about eating a sugar-free diet.
I've always thought that diabetics couldn't consume sugar, or very much of it, anyway.  Turns out, Jameson is able to eat whatever he wants at meal times, as long as we compensate for it with appropriate amounts of insulin.  This should make life a little easier for those times that Hendrix wants pancakes or waffles for breakfast! :)

Low blood sugar is a really big deal. 
Diabetes is a disease of high blood sugar.  But it turns out, you really have to be on the look-out for signs and symptoms of hypoclycemia (low blood sugar).  It makes sense, really, when you think about it.  Type 1 Diabetics are on medication that lowers the blood sugar.  Any time that too much medication is administered, or too much physical activity takes place, or not enough food is consumed, the sugar can drop to dangerously low levels, and bad things can happen. 

Sickness is a really big deal.
There are special procedures and things to look out for when the Type 1 Diabetic gets sick.  Vomiting is a bad thing.  If Jameson ever vomits, due to sickness, we have a prescription called Zofran (which is prescribed to pregnant women with severe morning sickness) that targets the nausea center in the brain and stops vomiting.  It's way too easy for the diabetic to get dehydrated, and from there, bad things can happen.

Something that's been on my heart:

Diabetes Onset in Third World Countries
I've been thinking a lot about the onset of Type 1 Diabetes in third world countries.  I think about the symptoms that Jameson showed, and how he slowly got worse and worse.  What about the kids/people in the tribes of sub-saharan Africa, or the deep jungles of South America who get diabetes?  I'm sure they exhibit the same symptoms.  But they don't have a hospital 20 minutes away by car.  They don't have 911.  This is a hard pill to swallow, but I picture these children slowly getting more and more ill, and passing away, due to the lack of access to doctors and medicine, and also the lack of knowledge about the disease.  It's a very sad thought.

Looks like I just narrowed down my advocacy, huh?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to this week's edition of the random - and often unrelated - thoughts running around in my head!

Be sure to check out the Spiderman cupcakes I made for Hendrix' birthday last week!

I'm feeling really stressed this week.  Before Saturday, I have to take Hendrix to get a haircut, make a dozen cupcakes, make party favors, make a birthday card (yes, I know I could just buy one, but where's the fun in that), and pack for an overnight trip to Indiana.  All while being gone from home for ten hours a day for this little gig I have called a full-time job.  Deep breaths.

I'm down two and a half pounds from Monday.  This makes me feel better about my Thanksgiving gluttony.

We got our 2013 calendars at work today.  How weird is it that getting a new year's calendar gets me very excited?  A blank slate on which to plan out life and all it's adventures?  Yeah, I know I'm a geek.

Why is it so awkward for two adults to walk towards each other in a hallway?  We have this super long and narrow hallway at work, and every single time I pass someone, they're doing everything they can to avoid eye contact.  I don't bite, people!

Our neighbors put their Christmas lights up this week.  I don't want to be mean, so I'll just say "wow."

I just tried to give back and donate blood to the Red Cross.  My veins have been known to be difficult in the past, and apparently they still are.  I was turned away.   Sorry humanity, I tried.

I purchased a portable, 2-screen DVD player on Amazon yesterday.  (Good grief, I love Amazon.)  We've been wanting one for a while.  We are travelling to Indiana 3 weekends out of 4 in December, so I figured it was a good time to get one, since we'll be spending our lives in the car.  [barf]

I'm taking Shaggy (a.k.a. Hendrix) for a haircut this evening so he's all fresh and clean for his birthday party on Saturday.  (Which, by the way, is going to be *!!!*)  It's going to be weird being out after dark, period, but especially with one of the kids.  How old does that make me sound?  Ha!

OK, this post has taken me all day to write.  Signing off.  Have a great Thursday, friends!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Blog Layout/Design!

Do you love it, or what?

Big shout out and THANKS to my friend, Kendra, who helped me figure it all out.

Next up, is re-desiging my crafting/cooking/creating blog.  I'm excited!

Have a fantastic Wednesday.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fitness 2012: Week 47 (11/18 - 11/24)

I hate how I lose all self-control on the weekends.  Through the work week, I drink my 64 ounces of water each day, I count calories, I exercise, I'm ON IT.  Friday evening comes, and I just want to snack all weekend long.  It's so frustrating.  Four days of gluttonous eating and snacking cost me almost four pounds this past weekend.  Ouch.  It hurts to admit that!

I know that most of that is water weight, and I'll lose at least a couple of those pounds by the time this coming weekend rolls around, but it's still upsetting to know that I can't seem to keep it together on the weekends. 

But here we go again, my typical Monday slogan: "Back on track!"  In fact, I've developed a new motivator for myself.  I'm re-naming "Fitness 2012!"  Well, temporarily, at least.  From now on, Fitness 2012 will be called "Mission: Bikini 2013."  I've been happy with my weight, I just really want to keep it where it is, and try to tone up a bit.  If I can do that, I will feel comfortable wearing a bikini this summer, so that's my goal!

I have all of December through May before swimsuit season begins, so that gives me six full months.  Beast mode time. ;o)

Sunday 11/18

Monday 11/19
3.15 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday 11/20
30 minutes of living room cardio

Wednesday 11/21
3.6 miles outside

Thursday 11/22
REST - Thanksgiving gluttony

Friday 11/23
Laziest day I've had in a long time!

Saturday 11/24
Holiday Hustle 5k - new PR for me!  I beat Mrs. Clause to win a movie ticket.  I came in (by my Garmin) at 26:07.

Miles for the week: 9.87
Miles for November: 19.97
Miles for 2012: 306.59

I finally made it over 300 miles for the year!  That's like running from Indianapolis to Detroit plus about twenty miles!

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap (11/22-11/25)

I hope everyone had a great holiday and was able to enjoy the time with family, friends, and loved ones!  Here's what went down during our four-day weekend.

Wednesday, 11/21
Wednesday evening was our race to the finish!  We finished last minute cleaning, and pulled everything together.  The Metz's arrived around 10 pm.  We chatted for about an hour, then went to bed.

Thursday, 11/22
Brittany and I spent the morning in the kitchen, cooking away!  I'm so very proud of how well we pulled off alllll that cooking!  We made a 20-lb turkey, a 10-ish (?) lb. ham, green bean casserole, corn casserole, baked macaroni, asian sesame salad, dinner rolls, and deviled eggs.  For dessert, there was: pumpkin pie (duh), apple pie, and strawberry pretzel dessert.  It was all seriously, soooo delicious.  I'd say we managed to do quite well hosting our first Thanksgiving. :)

Pree-cooked bird.  Does that neck (at the bottom) look totally disgusting, or what?

The dark meat from the turkey.

Two plates of white meat - yumm!

Our buffet.

Our other buffet.

One of the dining tables.

The other dining table.

After lunch, we watched football (another duh) and just spent time in each others' company.  It was a pretty warm day for mid-November, so Landon and Hendrix got to play outside together for a while.  It was a very enjoyable day with the family we don't see nearly enough!

Gracie and Jameson.

The Metz crew, lounging in the living room!

Ms. Gracie.  She is about three weeks older than Jamers, but seems so much older than him!

Hendrix and Landon playing outside.

The Metz's headed out around 5 pm.  We put on our PJ's and a little Christmas music and decided to get festive!  We put up our tree, and a certain small little elf arrived - BANG - out of nowhere!  He's a sneaky little devil.  We were just sitting there, decorating the tree, when Hendrix looked up and said, "Mommy!  There's the elf!"  Well, you can imagine my shock as to how that little scoundrel got on top of the piano.....

Christmas Tree 2012.  (We finally broke down and bought an artificial tree.)

Daddy and Jamers being silly.

The pig and I during tree-decorating.

The boys decorating the tree!

Fergus, you're so sneaky.

We named our elf Fergus.  When we asked Hendrix what he wanted to call him, he said Frog.  When we asked Jameson what he wanted to call him, he shook his head yes.  After playing around with the two words, we settled on Fergus, with Hendrix's approval, of course.  Stay tuned for his rotten little shenanigans in the upcoming weeks! :)

Friday 11/23
Friday was a fantastically lazy day!  I was woken up at 6:30 am by two little boys hollering "Mama! Mama!" from their bedroom.  For no reason other than to get my attention.  Ahh it made my heart explode to hear their simultaneous voices.  We played, lounged, and relaxed.  Matt and Hendrix went to Home Depot together.  I went and saw the final Twilight movie with a few girlfriends, and that was our Friday.
Saturday 11/24
The boys let us sleep in on Saturday!  We got up around 8.  After breakfast, we ran to WalMart for a few things, then came back home and picked up the house a bit.  We watched the OSU game, then got ready for a party and a 5k that evening.  We got to our friend's house around 4:15.  Maureen and I headed down to the start line around 4:45 for the 5:15 start time.  Every female who beat Mrs. Clause (and every male who beat Santa) won a free movie ticket.  My goal was to beat Mrs. Clause, and I did!  I came in (by my Garmin - not sure of the official results) at 26:07, which is a big personal record for me.  It was great! 

After the race, we went back to Ed and Martha's house and had some party snacks, a few drinks, and watched the Christmas parade.  Ed and Martha live right on the parade route.  We went to this party last year, and it was a great time.  We decided it would become a tradition.  It was a great time this year as well!

Sunday, 11/25
Sunday was another lazy day!  We got all of the laundry done and put away, which is always a task.  Hendrix stayed in his jammies all day!  I played with my Silhouette Cameo a bit, and worked on a craft, which I hope to reveal this week or next.

I caught a rare photo of the two of them playing together.

Daddy introduced Hendrix to the Wii remote. 

A sneak peak of the project I'm working on!

For being a long weekend, it sure flew by too quickly!  I'm hoping to use this work week to get all caught up (I'm STILL behind from missing a whole week when Jameson was in the hospital), then it'll be the weekend again.  It's going to be an eventful one and I can't wait for it!

In the mean time, I hope everyone enjoys their week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Take a few minutes to laugh today.

I will be absent from the blog for the next few days, to take time to spend with my beautiful family, enjoy their company, watch football, and - of course - eat!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday, and can cherish each moment with loved ones, as you never know when it could be your last.

There will be a notable absence from our holiday table this year, and I know it's weighing on the minds of my family members.  Through our tears, which I'm sure will be shed at some point, we will draw together, laugh, walk down memory lane, and enjoy the time we can spend together as a family.  I hope you can all do the same.

Now, I want to leave you with a few reasons to laugh or smile today.  It's the only way to get through this crazy, insane thing called life, right?!?

A little diabetes humor! :)

This picture made me laugh out loud!

Wish us luck this season!

This is perfect, since I spent about two hours cleaning the bathroom last night!

It's the big game this weekend!



Clearly, there's a difference. :)

I don't want to be rude, so I'll just say that I love this one!

I've never understood the 1st-thing-in-the-morning tantrums!

For me, it's the sing-a-long CD in the car.

Ha!  This is so me!

Or chicken nuggets.

I literally LOL'ed at this one!

Have a great holiday, my friends!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: 11/16-11/18: house cleaning and a birthday!

Friday, 11/16
Friday evening involved Little Ceasar's pizza for dinner, and a cleaning frenzy! Not too much to tell here. This party animal went to bed at 10 pm!

Saturday, 11/17
On Saturday morning, Hendrix and I took Corduroy to get groomed (read funny Hendrix story here!), then we ran to Hobby Lobby for Thanksgiving centerpiece flowers, Big Lots for a mattress for the other bunk in the boys' room, WalMart for Thanksgiving groceries, and McDonald's for a special mommy-son lunch date. Then we picked up the pooch and headed back home.  We cleaned some more. 

I found this "limited edition" candle at WalMart.  Not sure how limited it is, because I bought it last year and fell in love with it.  I was so super excited to find it again this year!

It's crazy how you can spend so much time cleaning, and feel you've gotten nowhere.  Maybe that just because we have two toddlers running around, huh?  Saturday afternoon, I tried out a recipe for low-calorie, crustless pumpkin pie.  I wanted to give it a trial run, before I made it on Thursday, and it was gross or something.  Turned out pretty good!  Saturday evening, was more cleaning, and I sacked out at 9 pm.  I know, you can't handle my crazy party antics.

My lunch date on Saturday.

My low-calorie, crustless pumpkin pie. 

My pumpkin pie making helper.

Sunday, 11/18
Sunday morning, we met my friend, Angie, and her two kids at Splash Bay in Maumee to celebrate Hendrix's birthday.  We were there for about three hours, which was just enough, because the little ones were ready for their naps!  It was our first long outing with Jamers, since D-day.  We pretty much had to guess on how to cover his carbs for lunch, since the concession stand didn't offer nutrition information, but we didn't have any emergency highs or lows, so I suppose we did alright!

When we got home, we had our quiet/nap time.  Then, we took Hendrix outside, while Jamers was still napping, to unveil his birthday present.  He loved it!  Sunday evening, we had our favorite meal, steak and peppers.  Hendrix and I made Spiderman cupcakes for him to take to school today, but other than that, we just relaxed and watched football.

Spiderman greeted me this morning, as I brushed my teeth before work.  The small things just really make my days!