Saturday, November 10, 2012

Banana Trees!

Remember when I purchased a couple banana trees because I'm gullible?
They came about a week ago.  I'm not sure what I expected, but them were two tiny bulbs with a little sprout out of the top of them. 
I found two green pots in the garage, and transplanted these babies into some miracle grow soil.
After about a week, they looked like this:
I didn't give up on them, though!  I kept watering them, and made sure they weren't in any kind of cold draft.  After we got home from the hospital on Tuesday night, I peeked at them.  They had budded!
I'm still not expecting hundreds of bushels of bananas any time soon, but this is encouraging!  I shall continue watering and babying these little guys, and we'll see what happens!

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