Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food and education

Jamers finally got to eat today. He had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Here we were, trying to count the carbs he ate so we could compensate with insulin, and the little stinker didn't even eat carbs!

Shortly after he got settled into eating, the nurse educator came in to teach us about carb counting, checking his sugar, and giving him insulin injections.

We will be doing a whole lot of carb counting from here on out!! Lately, it has almost become a hobby of mine to figure out the nutrition of the recipes I cook and bake. So I've been counting carbs, fats, proteins, all that stuff. God has been giving me interest in that for a reason! :)

In order to teach us, and also allow us to understand what Jamers will be going through, the nurse educator had Matt and I practice both sugar-checking and insulin injections (with saline solution) on each other! I was all nervous, but it turns out you can't even really feel either one. What a relief for my little man.

Each hour, Jameson is acting more like his ornery little self. He actually had an audience of hospital nurses and employees outside his room at lunch time. He is the master of facial expressions, and this audience of ladies was absolutely cracking up at him!

Matt headed home around 3:45 pm to relieve my mom. I'm now just hanging out with Jameson, waiting on our dinner. That means its almost time for a sugar check, then insulin dose again. I suppose I will get more comfortable with it each time I do it.

Jameson has been snuggling with me a lot after his nap this afternoon. I'm cherishing each moment with his soft, warm, pudgy little self!