Monday, November 19, 2012

Hendrix turns 3!

My sweet little blond boy turns three years old today.  So hard to believe!

Here he is, in November of 2009:

November 2010:

November 2011:

November 2012:

My, how he's grown.  He is quite the little man.  There are days I want to kick him out the door and send him off with the circus.  There are times where I want to pull him into my arms and smooch his cheeks off and never let him go.

He is growing into quite the young man.  At age three, Hendrix:

... is 100% potty trained, even at night.  I love this about him.

... is learning to write his letters and numbers.  He's got "H" down pat.

... loves fine art.  Whether it's writing, coloring, painting, gluing, cutting, anything like that.  He's all about it.

... has developed a small fear of the dark.  He is always talking about monsters and ghosts in the house.

... loves comics and superheroes.  For weeks, he's been begging for an IronMan party, and Spiderman cupcakes.

... has to have about 6 stuffed animals with him in bed in order to fall asleep at night.  If someone is missing, an mission ensues to locate the missing one.

... loves the Cat in the Hat.  We read it just about every night.

... is constantly singing songs.  Right now, his favorites are "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt," and the song he will be singing at his school Thanksgiving program.  I don't know the title, but I do know that it's from the point of view of a turkey, and there is a line that goes "This year won't you please have ham?" :)

... doesn't like pizza.  I'm looking into a paternity test, because I'm 95% sure that it's impossible for a Metz child to not like pizza.

... only wants to wear jeans or comfy pants (sweats, fleece, cotton, etc).  He won't wear corduroys, khaki's, etc.

... will look at me with his beautiful gray eyes and say, "Mommy, you're my best friend."

... will look at me with a scowl, five minutes later, and tell me, "Mommy, you're not my best friend anymore."  This usually happens when I am disciplining him.  My response is, "It's ok buddy, I'm not here to be your best friend.  I'm here to be your mom."

... loves chicken nuggets.  I'm pretty sure he'd eat them twice a day, every day if I let him.

... loves to grab all of his tools, declare that he is a "worker man," and rush off to fix something around the house, such as the plumbing.

... loves to grab a piece of paper, writing utensil, and become a waiter, taking our order for lunch or dinner.  His restaurant is usually out of whatever we order.

... has to remove every article of clothing, including socks, when going #2.  Haha!

... loves to run around in his underwear, and almost refuses to put on pajamas.

... has the most contagious smile and the most beautiful gray eyes.

Happy birthday, sweet Phillip Hendrix.  We love you more than words!

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