Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home. Sweet, beautiful home.

We all four slept in our own beds last night!!

The endocrinologist came to talk to us around 6 pm last evening. (We originally expected him at 12:30.....) we had been warned that he would quiz us. Well, it was brutal.

"What do you do when...." And "Well, that's not available to you." He was giving us all of the worst case scenarios. I was seriously nervous! But, obviously, we passed the "test," and we were able to break free! We got home around 730 last night. Jameson got his first real bath in four days and snuggled down into his own bed, with brother right across the room.

I checked his sugar at 1 am and it was 185, which was good. I relaxed and slept the rest of the night. I got him up at 7:15 and he checked out at 56. Oops. Little bit of Kool-Aid and breakfast, and we were ok. We dosed him with insulin and headed to the pharmacy to fill our eight monthly prescriptions. Eek!

I am off for the rest of this week, in order to continue learning about and figuring out this new lifestyle. There is a ridiculous amount of organizing that needs done in our home in order to always stay on top of the T1D game. There are new routines to get into, and lots of math to be done at each meal. :)

Today I spent several hours re-organizing the kitchen cupboards and the fridge. Boxes and containers are labeled as to how many of something Jameson can have to equal 1 carb choice (which - at meals - is treated with 1 unit of insulin). Sugar free and "free" snacks (no carbs) are labeled. Medicinal supplies are all together in one place in the bathroom, as well as our emergency kits, for worst case scenarios.  I put together two binders with all kinds of diabetes information.  One of them is for daycare.  The other will stay here.  I don't foresee a date night for Matt and I for a very, very long time.  But whenever that time may come, the babysitter should feel comfortable, based on the information they will have at hand.
 Jameson's sugar was all over the place again today, as expected, but hopefully it will start to settle down soon.  Until it does, I will continue to wake up in the night to test him.   Tonight, we were rolling around on the living room floor.  I was tickling his fat little neck, and he was giggling so hard that he wasn't even making noise.  I just felt so very blessed to have him there, enjoying that moment with him. Hendrix is struggling with a little jealousy from all the attention Jameson has been getting, we think.  We've been trying to focus extra time on him, but it's a delicate balance between giving him extra attention and maintaining discipline.  A jealous three-year old (well, almost) equals an ornery, boundary-pushing three-year old.  We hope and pray that everything settles down soon so that we can reach that happy balance between the four of us again! 
Afternoon snack time!
Hendrix (Mr.  I-refuse-to-wear-clothes) and Jameson (Mr. I-just-had-a-diaper-change-and-insulin-dose-in-my-leg) playing together in the rice box.

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  1. We are so glad Jameson has made it home, it sounds like you are getting a good start in living the "D" life. The more organized you are the better, and we always try to keep at least 4-6 weeks of supplies on hand in case there are ever refill issues or an emergency. Be leary of "sugar free" some items are only a few carbs less, but a lot more expensive. Also watch out for excersize. All the rolling on the floor and giggling (which is always important)can produce a low, even a few hours later.
    Its a huge lifestyle change for everyone, but you guys will get there.
    Enjoy every moment you have.
    (the rice box looks like a fun activity)