Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning, 11/4/12

I feel a bit guilty for this, but I passed out before 8 pm last night, and was awoken at 715 (which is actually 615, which makes this already-surreal weekend even weirder) by the endocrinologist.

This morning, the endocrinologist came to speak with us for a few moments. We learned that Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disorder and it is not something that kids inherit from anyone, which makes sense, seeing as how the disease does not run in our family.

Jameson is going to start out on insulin injections (as opposed to the pump), as do all new patients. Today, he will be getting one injection of long-lasting insulin, and injections of shorter-lasting insulin after each meal, once it is determined how many carbs he eats. It is my understanding that this is how it will be for a while.

Jameson is going to be given breakfast shortly. The nurse informed me that he's got a sore on the roof of his mouth, which may discourage him from eating, but hopefully he can get some food in his system. When I asked him if he wanted to eat, he gave me a half-smile and did the sign for "more." It made my heart do a happy dance!

They will be stopping the iv's soon and removing his catheter. That should help him be more comfortable.

Hoping for discharge tomorrow, but I obviously don't want to leave until all of our questions are answered and we feel comfortable with all of the life changes we are facing. Matt is going home tonight so my sweet and amazing mother can get home and back to her life. I will stay here with Jameson.

I feel so terrible. I've spent less than an hour with Hendrix all weekend. I'm told he's having a great time with my parents, but I still miss his silly little self.

I've got to call my boss tomorrow and also talk to HR about FMLA, since I have virtually no PTO left at work.

Lots to do, lots to learn, lots to adapt to. But I'm ready to get back to normal life, whatever that may be. :)

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