Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Highlight of my Week!

So I have to share this hilarious story.

Hendrix and I took Corduroy to get groomed this morning. It should be noted that our dog is black with brown legs, and stands just above our knees. We dropped him off and ran 3 hours worth of errands/lunch.

When we went back to pick him up, Corduroy was on the ground, and Hendrix -due to his three-feet-tall height- couldn't see him. There was another dog up on the grooming table. This dog probably stood about a foot tall. He was black with brown legs. Since he was up on the table, Hendrix could see him just fine.

With the utmost concern in his eyes and a very serious voice, he looked at me and said, "Mom. Why is Corduroy small?"

He thought the groomer had shrunk our dog!!! Hahaha! I explained to him that the dog on the table wasn't Corduroy, and he was pleased to see, once I showed him, that Corduroy was, in fact, the same size as when we had dropped him off.

This was seriously the highlight of my week. I laughed, and laughed some more, and I'm laughing as I write this post.

I love that kid.

Next time you're doing laundry, and think about something shrinking in the wash, I hope you can think about this story, and add a chuckle to your day.

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